Physical Science Through Photography

Physical Science Through Photography Showcase

Physical Science Through Photography

This app is designed for children who are 8-11 years old, elementary science teachers, and anyone interested in photography. This is a truly an educational application. The app contains photographs that pertain to physical science on elementary level. Each photograph contains 3 details with audio. A photo album is displayed and a photograph is chosen. The photograph opens in full screen with numbered markers. Tap the markers and view the corresponding detail with optional audio.

The concept for this application was derived from an instructional strategy I used in my elementary classroom. The use of digital photography in the classroom aided in making the abstract concrete and aided and in English language development for students whose first language was not English. Physical Science Through Photography provides inspiring photos that will stimulate your child’s curiosity as well as your own!

Design and photography by an education specialist who has taught elementary science in one of America’s largest school districts.

Teacher Benefits:

  • sparks discussion and lets children reflect on their learning process.
  • brings words and concepts to the classroom.
  • aids in expository writing exercises.
  • activates student prior knowledge.
  • reveals misconceptions about science.
  • checks for mastery of science concepts.

Using Photography to Build Vocabulary:

Research on language and vocabulary development has shown that children with more experiences have better vocabulary development, and, thus, are better prepared to learn to read, and comprehend what they have read.

Designed for 3 Learning Styles

  • Visual learners easily remember visual details and prefer to see what they are learning.
  • Auditory learners like to have things explained orally.
  • Tactile learners like to touch things in order to learn about them.

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