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Team RSF is the best fitness plan and customized meal plans app for people who want to transform their bodies with the right food and guidance. It only lets the users sign in after they subscribe for a plan from the website and asks them to fill up a questionnaire that helps generate an automatic customized meal plan for the users.

We developed this workout app for Ryan Spiteri, an Australian WBFF Pro Muscle Model and an online personal trainer. He is known especially for his expertise in helping people to lose fat and gain muscle mass efficiently. According to him, the transformation program in this fitness trainer app is easy to follow, enjoyable and one that won’t feel like a diet to his customers.

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Key Features of Team RSF Nutrition
and Personal Training App

Member Only Access

Member-only access

Upon downloading the nutrition app, users get the option to just login instead of sign up. If a user has purchased any of the plans, only then they will be able to access the weight loss app. This exclusive member-only access assures that no one gets to view the meal plans or exercise plans without purchasing any of the subscription plans.


In-depth questionnaire

A unique feature of this fitness app as a transformation tool is the in-depth questionnaire that pops up right after a user logs in to the personal trainer app. The questionnaire is supposed to be filled in with correct answers to ensure an optimal customized meal plan. However, to fill the questionnaire, the user will have to enter the order number of his subscription first.

Depth Questionnaire
Automatic Custom Meal Plans

Automatic custom meal plans

The meal plan will have 6 meals in a day, the number of calories required per day and the food that should be eaten for each meal. Each meal will also be explained in detail and it will remain the same unless the nutritionist changes it from the backend. Customized meal plans will be in phases, so the users of this health and fitness app will have to fill up the questionnaire again before the end of each phase.


Weekly check-in report

With a weekly check-in report in the fitness tracker app, users can keep track of their transformation with ease. Users can log in several values to help them understand where they have reached. Apart from logging in values of weight and inches, users can also upload images of themselves from the front, sides and back to keep a record of the same.

Weekly Check In Report
Training and Cardio Plans

Training and Cardio plans

When the users go to the training plans section, they will be able to see a daily workout plan. The training will be divided into 2 parts: cardio plan and training plan. Upon clicking on one of the plans, users will be able to view all the exercises listed for the day, the number of sets and repetitions to be performed and other such details.


Purchase supplements

A good thing about this fitness app is that once the users click on the Supplements section, they will be able to view the list of all the supplements. In fact, the meal planning app will display only the supplements that are in sync with the type of subscription that the user has purchased. After adding to the cart, the user will be redirected to the website to complete the purchase.

Purchase Supplements
Extra Features

Extra features

Right next to the supplements section, there is a tab labeled as “Extras”. Upon clicking on this section, users will be able to access a video library of exercises, see more products they can purchase, scroll through images of some exercises and also join the Facebook group of all the members who have taken part in the Ryan Spiteri Fitness program.



This is another unique feature of the Ryan Spiteri health and fitness app. By clicking on the top-right corner, a pop-up will come up and show a list of notes for meal plans, training plans, and supplements. These notes can be added by the nutritionist in the backend and can be viewed by the user. The notes can help provide more insight into the users and get better guidance.

Subscribers List

Subscribers list

Upon logging in, the admin will be able to see a list of all the subscribers in one place. It will be in a table format, with details such as name, gender, purchased item, phase, payment status, and complete section.


Filter by gender

When it comes to fitness and training sessions, it is important that the nutritionist sends customized plans as per the gender. Hence, we have provided the option to filter the list of members by gender for easy sorting.

Filter By Gender
Payment Status

Payment status

The admin will be able to check the status of the payments, failed transactions, pending payments, or completed payments. This will help him decide whether he should send the plan to a user or not.


Send questionnaire manually

If the admin feels that a particular user needs to refill the questionnaire in the middle of a phase, then he can send it to the user manually from the backend panel.

Send Questionnaire Manually
User Details

User details

When the admin clicks on the name of a particular user, he will be able to see all the details of that user from his meal plan to answers in the questionnaire to the weekly check-in reports and other details.

Do you want to develop a fitness and nutrition app with advanced and unique features? Opt for a customized fitness app development plan by our experts.

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