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What is Night Owl?

Night Owl is a smartphone app that brings nightlife into focus, by reducing the need for paper flyers, paper guestlists and large amounts of cluttered information on different nightclubs and bars.


Wireframe is very important in an app making process. At Space-O, we follow the ‘Design led Engineering’ procedure, as a part of which our designers, create the look and the navigation flow of the app, using different wireframe tools. After which, the developers, make the app itself.

Concept Building

The Night Owl app keeps the night life in focus. It allows all the information regarding different night clubs and bars that need to be paid attention to. Using this app, all the information regarding can be centralized and flyers and paper guestlists can be reduced to an entirely digitalized system.

What makes Night Owl a different mobile application

  • Shows what's still open late at night.
  • Displays live information about the nightclubs and bars around you.
  • Find your perfect night now with access to exclusive offers and guest lists.
  • Mainly in the United Kingdom so far, stay tuned for more countries.
  • Whether you’re looking for a relaxing lounge bar or an intense student night, Night Owl has tried to cater for all tastes.


Final Design

The Result

Night Owl fulfilled the client’s expectations, by becoming an app that helps create a paper-free system to help one in order to find great places to spend time at, to study at, to party at and others.

I had a good time working with Space-O. They impressed me initially with the interface designs and followed through with constant communication and robust programming. Would work with Space-O again. If I could hope for anything more, it would be to have the project completed sooner. Thanks again!Matthew Bell
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