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We often did not store private date/events in calendar and notes, and hence sometimes we missed those.

With myPrivate Calendar, you can safely keep your private events and get timely reminder for all the number of events.

Intruders will not have access to your secret events. Your events are protected and will be visible to you only.

App Features:

  1. Simple to use with great UI design.
  2. Private events are synced with default Calender app.
  3. Intruder list with their photo of their face and location.
  4. You can view all your events: private and general events at once, so that you can manage your all events.
  5. Secured with pattern lock pattern.
  6. Your private events are encrypted once you enter them, no one can view them.
  7. Customize reminder settings.
  8. Runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Note: Allow your current location service to be “ALLOWED” to get exact location report for intruders.

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This team was nice to work with and I felt like I got a great app for the price, which was very reasonable. They always got back to me right away and did the work quickly. I slowed the process down a couple of times by taking too long to make decisions, but they were always right on time and I was surprised how quickly they finished it!Barb Raveling
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