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My Private Closet

*** iPhone 5 Compatible app ***

Private Security is an important thing for everybody & We believe that “Secrecy should always be honored”.

Secretly Hide Your Private Password / PIN / Information From Strangers!

With “My Private Closet” app, we will provide you hands on secured folder on your iPhone, which you can carry with you anywhere.

In modern digital world, we all have lots of passwords / PIN / other private information. Sometimes, we may forget passwords, but we did not want to store them in a dairy or any place, since they can be stolen and misused. Store all those stuff with ‘My Private Closet’ and get secured and assured.

Download the app to use a secured virtual closet on your iPhone with amazing features.


  • Store your bank accounts PIN, email passwords, social sites, etc. & Also, create subcategory under each details.
  • 3 different patten lock types for selection.
  • Pre define category and sub category for security storing/ retrieving your private text.
  • You can set attempts for locking the app on passcode failures.
  • Email the set patten/password for your future reference.
  • Intruder Detection feature.
  • Email data in CSV/PDF format.
  • Add note and 2 Photos of credit card/PIN/Site, etc.
  • Universal App.

Note: Allow your current location service to be set as “ALLOW” to get the exact location report for intruders.

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They've done a great job with my project and have been very helpful with all my questions. I'm definitely going to use them again and have already recommended them to friends.Taryn
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