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My Note’d Moments

Capturing and collating the magnificent moments of life is one of the most awesome and amazing stuffs. People of all age love it, don’t you? But it happens quite often if not always that you fall short of tools to tag and turn your moments to memoirs. Well, not anymore: we give you an exciting app that makes your moments immortal.

So, what can you do to create your “Reminisces” with “My Note’d Moments”?

  • Label a cover and create a notebook for a particular occasion
  • Enjoy and enhance your experience with Universal App.
  • Make (n) number of notes under any notebook.
  • Bury the unwanted notebooks with just a single click.
  • Get a unique view for every note/memo and bookmarked memo/note.
  • Protect your personal moments with password.
  • Draw and Draft a Single Note with Soulful moments which will comprise multiple photos captured, maps added or even voices recorded at a particular event.
  • Be able to discover and never miss on the special date, day & time of your life on which memo/note was created.
  • Re-live your moments any time you want by getting into flashback; go through your note/memo, listen to your recorded voice and see your photos.
  • Share your note/memo via social networks like faceBook, Twitter & Email with your family, friends and acquaintances.

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