Medical Waste (Management and Handling)

Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Showcase

Medical Waste (Management and Handling)

*** Medical Prevention is always better than Cure ***

Medical waste is a by-product of healthcare/medical that includes sharps, non-sharps, blood, body parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and radioactive materials. It is individual liability to implement medical waste management as a human.

Poor management or mishandling of Medical waste may result deadly if exposes to healthcare workers, waste handlers and the community to infections, toxic effects and injuries.

This app provides us with basic though fundamental guidelines for the steps and precautions to be taken while handling/storaging medical waste of all categories such as – biomedical waste, human anatomical waste, animal waste, microbiology waste, sharps, discarded medicines, solid waste, liquid waste, etc… with the tools/instruments/methods with image and instructions for all types of waste management.


  • Universal app (separate navigation for iPhone and iPad)
  • Details on the following aspects of Medical waste management with images
    1. Planning and designing;
    2. Risk to Personnel due to Bio-Medical;
    3. Dangers of Improper Management;
    4. Items and Equipments required…. and many more…
  • Share the details with image to your friends and family via FB and Email.
  • Detailed understanding on Planning and designing of bio-medical waste.
  • Manager your list of favorites.

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