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Glimpse of LocoLingo App

A Glimpse of LocoLingo App

Alike numerous top social media apps - WhatsApp, WeChat, and Tinder that have already created a boom in the arena of the Internet. All the apps possess to create a better connection with the people globally. The bottom line is that an app bestows a lot of features, including chat, audio/video calling & status sharing, in general.

But somehow, we have to bound ourselves to limited features. There is hardly any app that has all these combined features. Now, imagine, you have an app that has all these important features.

Yes, that was the idea of our client. Space-O has built a social media app - LocoLingo, which is available both on iOS & Android.

About the Requirements

The client had a clear idea about the app. That made the process seamless for us. The document he sent to us for the requirement was clear and straightforward. He wanted features like Live Chat, Multiple Filters, Status updates, Live Feed & User Blocking Features for safety reasons. And, that’s all we expect when we commence any Enterprise or Startup project.

His basic idea was to provide a social media app for people of the different age groups. So he Googled top social media app developers and found us on the Google SERP. He directly contacted us, and shared his crystal clear requirements to us.

Our business analyst team analyzed the feasibility of each feature. And considering its complexity, we assigned a team of developers for this project, which has

No. 1

Android Developer

No. 1

iOS Developer

No. 1

UI/UX Designer

No. 1

Project Manager

Android App Development of LocoLingo

Considering these Android features, we assigned 1 Android developer, who has 4+ years of experience in Android app development for different categories, especially social media applications. Java programming & dynamic APIs management are his core strength.

Loco Lingo app development timeline

To successfully deliver the project, it took us around 8-10 weeks.

Android app development of Loco Lingo
LocoLingo Symbol


Android Studio

Android Studio

Android SDK

Android SDK (Version 26)

LocoLingo Symbol

Third Party Libraries

01. Facebook for Log-in
02. Retrofit Framework for API calling
03. Smack API for chant module
04. Adobe Aviary as a Photo Editing Tool
05. Fabric Crash Analytics to tracl crash in apps
06. Picasso to load image
07. Firebase Messaging for Push Notifications
08. AWS Android SDK to upload image on Amazon

ios app development of Loco Lingo

iOS app development of LocoLingo

Same as android app development, we assigned 1 iOS developer, who has 4+ years of experience in iOS app development. He has already developed such social media application before, but with different features. So he took this project as an opportunity to develop new and interesting features.

LocoLingo Symbol


Swift programming language icon

iOS Xcode 8.3 with Swift 3.0 Support

XMPP server

XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)

LocoLingo Symbol

Third Party Libraries

01. Fabric-Crash Analytics for tracking crash in-app
02. ReachabilitySwift for check whether internal is reachable or not
03. JSQMessenger for chat interface
04. XMPP for chatting feature
05. Google Location Services

Loco Lingo app background icon Loco Lingo app background icon

LocoLingo is one of the Best Social Media Apps Here’s Why

Long story short, so far, Space-O Technologies has developed 2500+ mobile applications. The social app - LocoLingo is among one of our unique applications, of course, because of its features.

Live Chat feature in Loco Lingo

Live Chat

It gives a new way to user in order to interact with people who like to make new friends or know more about new people locally. With LocoLingo, user can do this through text messages, audio/video calling in real time without revealing the personal information.

Multiple Filter for profile

Multiple Filter

Users can filter the profiles by using details like age, gender, and distance.

User Blocking Feature in Loco Lingo

User Blocking Feature

There’s a blocking feature for the user, too. After blocking or reporting the user, reported post & chat backup will disappear after 24 hours.

Live Feed Feature in Loco Lingo

Live Feed

Get live feeds from the people around you.

Status Update feature in Loco Lingo

Status Update

Same as WhatsApp, app users can update their status, visible to everyone.

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Social Media Apps Developed by Space-O Technologies

Apart from LocoLingo, Space-O has evolved 50+ social media apps. Among them, here are few of our best social media applications. Take a look.

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