LetsMoveTogether – Shared Navigation: Leader’s Way, Followers’ Sway

LetsMoveTogether – Shared Navigation: Leader’s Way, Followers’ Sway Showcase

LetsMoveTogether – Shared Navigation: Leader’s Way, Followers’ Sway

Locate and Track Your Friends and Family Members from Your iPhone

Your friends/family members + LetsMoveTogether = Awesome Relationships!

Do These 3 Amazing Things With LetsMoveTogether:

  1. Guide your friends or family members toward the right location.
  2. At any given time, know where your family members are located.
  3. Show your family members how much you care. Remember, sharing is caring.

How to Use:

  1. Install this free app on your device.
  2. Send a secure PIN request through email or SMS.
  3. Your friend or family member accepts the PIN request.
  4. You’re done. Now, both of you can see each other on map!

Easy, isn’t it?

Only have an iPod Touch, not an iPhone? No worries. This app works on either!

You Get More Benefits When You Use LetsMoveTogether App.


  • Your security is taken care of by random Secure PIN.
  • Sharing of PIN is extremely easy, via email or Text Message.
  • Sophisticated alerting system via push notifications.
  • Easy-to-use privacy controls.
  • There is no #2 priority!


  • Create unlimited groups.
  • Have secure key for the groups as well.
  • No restriction on number of friends or family members in a group.


  • Support for offline Leader mode, followers can see leader’s last position on map.
  • Automatic position mapping of leader and the followers.
  • Auto alert/notification, when the leader comes online on tracking.

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