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Lets Cross Promote App is an advertising platform for mobile app publishers. Using this platform, App Publishers can cross promote their mobile applications across multiple platforms like Android and iPhone.


  • Provides Promotion and Advertising platform to App Publishers for publicity of mobile applications.
  • App Publishers can upload their custom banners for promoting their apps.
  • App Publishers can encourage users to provide ratings on iTunes or Google Play using RateMyApp feature.
  • App publishers can import multiple apps in using a single click.
  • Allows creation of reports with the number of clicks, impressions, conversions, etc.


  • Improved no. of downloads and increased app revenue because of cross platform promotion.
  • Increased awareness about the App and App Publishing company at large.
  • User data insight, in terms of device types, country, language, OS versions and so on – based on which further features and future mobile apps can be planned.

Lets Cross Promote provides the chance to App Publishers to leverage the best out of the mobile app market with the multi platform promotion.

Our Role:
Space-O delivered a web platform by

  • Developing back-end system using MongoDB (NoSQL).
  • Creating RESTful Web Services Layer using Rails 3.
  • Developing SDK for iOS and Android.
  • Configuring Amazon Cloud Servers for the platform.

Tools & Technologies Used:
MongoDB, Rails 3, Ruby 1.9.3, Objective C, Java, AWS.

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Spaceotechnologies took responsibility to help see the project through to completion. I also liked their effective use of the project management platform which helped keep up-to-date and communicate well. Will be glad to work with you again in the future.Amir
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