Korea Tennis

Korea Tennis Showcase

Korea Tennis

Ever thought to play Table Tennis on your iPhone, iPad or iPod?

Say yes – and explore a unique game that Space-O Game Developers have created for this comitee.

Table Tennis on your iOS device is an interesting concept. You get the same enjoyment of the game without giving your body too much exercise (or pain!).

The Players you can select are the President of South Korea Lee Myung-bak and the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea Kim Jong-il. It’s interesting, isn’t it?


  • One player or two player mode.
  • Select the player size.
  • Control the sound; turn it on or off.


  • Extend your love to Table Tennis. Play it in break time at office, too!
  • A very easy app with almost zero learning curve – open the game and start playing
  • See the Scores and know how you are doing.
  • Table Tennis’ fun extended on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Space-O developed Korea Tennis game and brought Table Tennis experience on iOS devices. Not only they wrote the code, they got to know more about Table Tennis. You get to learn a lot when you develop apps like this and can use that learning in creating another Game app, don’t you?

Have a unique idea of the game? Hire Space-O developers today, share the thrill, make your end-users happy and seize the profits. Get an obligation-free quote today.

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Eugene, Vlad, Jigar and their respective teams have been fantastic on all the various apps they have worked on and developed for us over the past 18 months. They are always proactive, responsive to questions and consistently provide top quality development and design work. The use of Skype, email and their own project management tool also makes it easy to keep track on how a project is progressing. I would highly recommend Space-O Technologies for any iOS development or design.Nick Power
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