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Our Android developers developed one seamlessly running app for two purposes. JOBbeJOB is a two-in-one app with features of both, a job seeker app and job posting app. A job offerer can create a job post with parameters like category, budget, date, duration and many more requirements. While job seekers can view these posts and apply for them if they feel they are eligible.

The most unique aspect of this app is that a user can only register if they have a referral code from another existing user. This applies to offerers as well as seekers. This way authenticity of the users is kept in check. This app is a bridge between an offerer and a person looking for side hustle jobs or same-day pay gigs.

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Features of On-demand Gig Job App

Create job post

Create a job post

A job offerer can create a job post in various categories ranging from bar staff to security. They can also set the budget, date, location, duration, job type and other details including images.



The offerer can also select the job seekers and applicants by applying filters like gender, distance, price range, rating and review as per his requirements.

Job filter
My job offers

My job offers

Using this feature in the staffing app, the user can keep a track of all his job offers in this side job app. This feature shows all the job offers of the user: Pending jobs, Upcoming jobs, Active jobs, and Completed jobs.

Sign up and sign in

Sign up and sign in

Considered one of the best on-demand gig apps, the signup process is very sophisticated. The user needs to verify his authenticity. They also need to add skills, documents, experience, availability, and work images.


My posts

Just like all side job apps, the user can keep a track of jobs related to his expertise. This feature of the job finder app shows all the job posts: pending jobs, upcoming jobs, active jobs, completed jobs.

My posts
Manage job offers

Manage job offers

Side gig apps like this one let the user sort their jobs by price, date, location, job hours. They can view bookings by location and even get direction to the place of job. The in-app calendar helps to manage their work and sends reminders.

In app chat

In-app chat

The gig economy app has the feature to send text messages. The job seeker and job offerer can stay connected through the in-app chat feature to discuss price and other details.


Manage disputes

The seeker, as well as the offerer, can create a dispute if any problem occurs with the opposite party. They can enter dispute title and details and keep a track if the disputes have been resolved or not in the disputes list.

Manage disputes
Start and stop the job

Start and stop the job

The seeker and offerer start the job when it begins in the real and stops it after the work is done. The time is noted in the get paid today app. This way both of them can keep track of their work hours.


My payments

The users can also manage their payments through the same day pay app itself. They can view the events of the work and a digital invoice for every job is generated in the job search app. They also earn through referrals.

My payments

Are you planning to create an on-demand app for same-day pay jobs or any other on-demand app? Let us know your requirements and our on-demand app expert will guide further.

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