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iTrackMiles is a mile/kilometer tracking application, which is very useful for employee’s going out of office for daily/weekly/monthly work and reimbursement.

iTrackMiles Calculates & streamlines the miles calculation process and greatly increases accuracy.


  • Calendar that will provide you on hands on details for trips.
  • Client Tracking: Record the client of an entry and Sort the entries by client.
  • Tracking Cost of Actual Vs Incurred Expenses.
  • Different types of graphical reports, which will help you to manage your planning/decision making.
  • Supports miles/kilometers for MULTIPLE Businesses & Clients.
  • Add notes to each trip entry.
  • Tracks your trips using GPS (full path on map).
  • Use Frequent Trips / Fav Trips to save time.
  • Support Multiple International Currency.
  • Easily edit/delete/reorder Presets.
  • Email PDF and Excel-friendly (CSV) reports.
  • Easily find out the record of client information, Trip information , Route information.
  • Easily to manage dues vs collection of each Clients.
  • Sort Trips entries “By Date” or “By Client”.
  • Predefined summarized flash report available.
  • Share your data with multiple iPhones or iPads and keep a backup of your data for safe keeping.
  • Easy to use GUI and entries.

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Steve Dollens
I wish to acknowledge the high quality of your team effort in executing the project for Dollens Electric. Seldom do things go as initially imagined and requested, an such was the case for this project. However, the capability of the end product fills the need. The professionalism of your team an company is impressive. I appreciate that, as it reduced the time required from our staff. Thank you for a good effort; please feel free to use me as a reference customer if it is useful. Best Regards, Steve DollensSteve Dollens
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