iTrackMiles Showcase


iTrackMiles is a mile/kilometer tracking application, which is very useful for employee’s going out of office for daily/weekly/monthly work and reimbursement.

iTrackMiles Calculates & streamlines the miles calculation process and greatly increases accuracy.


  • Calendar that will provide you on hands on details for trips.
  • Client Tracking: Record the client of an entry and Sort the entries by client.
  • Tracking Cost of Actual Vs Incurred Expenses.
  • Different types of graphical reports, which will help you to manage your planning/decision making.
  • Supports miles/kilometers for MULTIPLE Businesses & Clients.
  • Add notes to each trip entry.
  • Tracks your trips using GPS (full path on map).
  • Use Frequent Trips / Fav Trips to save time.
  • Support Multiple International Currency.
  • Easily edit/delete/reorder Presets.
  • Email PDF and Excel-friendly (CSV) reports.
  • Easily find out the record of client information, Trip information , Route information.
  • Easily to manage dues vs collection of each Clients.
  • Sort Trips entries “By Date” or “By Client”.
  • Predefined summarized flash report available.
  • Share your data with multiple iPhones or iPads and keep a backup of your data for safe keeping.
  • Easy to use GUI and entries.

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