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Come Juggle with Mr. Marcus! This iJuggling 4 Beginners app teaches you what you need to know to become good at the Diabolo, 3 ball juggling and even unicycle riding. Relax, increase your grey matter, have fun and amaze your friends. Click “More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Great App!
“This app has inspired me to learn juggling. I am the most un-coordinated person in the world, but with Mr. Marcus’ help, I think I can do it!”
– FlyingDutchman22

Great Stuff
“A well presented juggling app. Great for first timers and teachers alike. A+”
– Todd Walltorn

You’ve never been very graceful or co-ordinated, so doing something as funny as juggling, or as balance-related as riding a unicycle, never enters your mind. Sadly, you assume that you can never do those things, but nothing could be further from the truth. You, yes, you, can juggle and ride a unicycle. All you need is a good teacher.

Mr. Marcus is not only a professional entertainer; he is also the creator of iJuggling 4 Beginner’s and the author of “Why Juggle?” This man knows his stuff, and now, he teaches it to you in Juggle with Mr. Marcus.

Inside Juggle with Mr. Marcus, you’ll learn all the basics of 3 ball juggling, the Diabolo, and a host of tricks that will have you feeling like a pro, too. It’s all done with the built-in, easy to follow iJuggling 4 Beginners program. When you finish going through all of the videos and step-by-step instructions contained in the app, you’ll even be whizzing around on your unicycle. No more clumsy, awkward you!

This is the ultimate in convenient learning. Since the application sits on your iDevice, you can learn and practice in privacy, with no one around to see you drop balls as you perfect your technique. You will dazzle and delight friends when you suddenly show them talents they didn’t know you have.

But you know what? There are even more reasons to learn how to juggle!

Do you know that juggling actually increases your brain power? It’s true. Juggling combines the logical left side of your brain with the intuitive right side, a combo that’s typical of highly creative people. Researchers from the University of Regensburg in Germany have proven that with as little as 20 minutes of juggling a day for three months, your grey matter actually increases. Not bad! It’s healthy for you in other ways, as well.

Just look at the health benefits you gain from juggling:

  • Exercise for physical fitness – tones muscles and increases flexibility.
  • Improvement of hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Speeds up reaction time.
  • Improvement of motor skills.
  • Improvement of high-order reflexes.
  • Increase in grey matter.
  • Relaxes you and helps you release tension.

See, you just can’t lose when you juggle, and letting Mr. Marcus show you how, in iJuggling 4 Beginners, makes you a winner. In addition to the basics and clever tricks, he’ll explain how you can make your own supper juggling balls using only regular balloons and some sand. Cool, right?

Check out the fun features you get in Juggle with Mr. Marcus:

  • Funny, easy to use interface.
  • Step-by-step instructions and simple-to-follow videos.
  • Learn the Diabolo and 3 ball juggling and tricks.
  • Learn unicycle riding and tricks.
  • Learn how to make super juggling balls out of everyday items.
  • Video of Mr. Marcus performing professionally.
  • Increase your health and brain power by having fun.
  • Updates and more advanced tricks to follow soon.
  • Purchase for only $0.99 for a limited time!

You juggle your life and time every day, how about doing it in a funny way for a change?

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