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Hinduism Library

Collection of Classic Hinduism Books Including:

  • A Heifer Of The Dawn
  • A Vedic Reader For Students
  • Black Marigolds
  • Brahma Knowledge
  • Dakshinamurti Stotra
  • Fruit-Gathering
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • Hindu Mysticism
  • Hindu Mythology Vedic And Puranic I-III
  • How To Be A Yogi
  • Hymns Of The Sama-Veda
  • In The Great Gods Hair
  • Indian Fairy Tales
  • Indian Idylls
  • Indian Myth And Legend
  • Kali the Mother
  • Kalidasa Translations
  • Karma-Yoga
  • Kundalini The Mother of the Universe
  • Love and Death
  • Old Deccan Days
  • Other Writings
  • Ramakrishna His Life And Sayings
  • Ramayan Of Valmiki
  • Sadhana The Realisation Of Life
  • Select Works Of Sri Sankaracharya
  • Songs Of Kabir
  • Srimad-Bhagavad-Gita
  • Stray Birds
  • Studies from an Eastern Home
  • The Bhagavad Gita Volumes
  • The Crescent Moon
  • The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom
  • The Descent Of The Sun
  • The Deva Gita
  • The Garuda Purana
  • The Gospel Of Ramakrishna
  • The Grihya Sutras – Part I & II
  • The Home and the World
  • The Hymns of the Atharvaveda – Book 1-20
  • The Institutes of Vishnu
  • The Laws of Manu
  • The Little Clay Cart
  • The Mahabharata Book 1-20
  • The Minor Law Books
  • The Minor Law Books – Fragments Of Brihaspati
  • The Prem Sagur
  • The Ramayana
  • The Rig Veda Collection
  • The S rimad Devi Bhagawatam – Collection
  • The Sacred Laws of the Aryas Part- I & II
  • The Sankhya Aphorisms Of Kapila
  • The Satapatha Brahmana I-V
  • The Texts of the White Yajurveda
  • The Transmigration of the Seven Brahmans
  • The Upanishads – Part 1 & 2
  • The Vedanta-Sutras Collection
  • The Vishnu Purana Books
  • The Web of Indian Life
  • The Yajur Veda Taittiriya Sanhita
  • The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali
  • Thought Relics
  • Twenty-Two Goblins
  • Vedanta-Sutras 1-4
  • Vedic Hymns – Part I & II
  • Verses Of Vemana
  • Vikram And The Vampire
  • Yoga Vashisht Or Heaven Found

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