Healing with Herbs

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Healing with Herbs

***** 200+ Diseases to be healed with Herbs with iPhone 5 Compatible App *****

There are many alternative treatments, but Herbs are widely accepted as a treatment method after Allopathy. Being natural, Herbal remedies are free from side effects. Herbal remedies are obtained from a wide variety of natural resources including plant leaves, bark, berries, flowers, and roots.
Herbs are used to heal illnesses and disease and to address psychological concerns; herbal remedies have been around for centuries and were the precursor to modern medicine.


  • Universal app (runs on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch).
  • Detailed information for each Diseases with Herbs that can heal that illness/disease.
  • Detailed information for each Herbs.
        1. Parts Used – which part is used for healing, botanical information and other common names for that herbs.
        2. Properties – description, and properties for the herbs i.e how it is helpful for healing.
        3. Application – therapeutic uses, internal uses external uses of the herbs.
        4. Precautions – how you should use parts, dosage, etc.
        5. Image of herbs for easy identification
  • Identification and specification information for identify the herb easily.
  • You can email disease name with herbs to your friends and family.
  • Manage Favorites for disease / herbs.
  • You can share the disease and herbs associated with that disease on FB.
  • Integrated Note Functionality.
  • Integrated Content Search option to find out diseases / herbs info easily and fast.


  • Please use these herbs under physician’s consent if you are not familiar with Herbal healing.
  • Do NOT use any of these herbs if you are or you think you may be pregnant.
  • Children should use herbal remedies only with the consent of a physician. Under no circumstances do herbal remedies replace a physician’s care – Herbs are alternate natural resources for healing.
  • Available on theApp Store

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