Get Fit Buddy is the most advanced health and fitness app that has made it easier for fitness enthusiasts to track their daily food habits and maintain exercise log. It allows users to maintain a visual food journal and link it with emoticons to understand their daily food habits.

Moreover, maintain exercise and weight log on regular basis & review progress in terms of a graph. View a detail graph report on weight, meals, and exercise, and the best part is users connect with each other and share their progress. App enables users to access each other’s food journal, weight tracker and exercise log, and encourage each other to achieve fitness goal. But how our client got this unique idea?

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Typography of Get Fit Buddy
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Get Fit Buddy app typography


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Get Fit Buddy app color palattes

App Development Idea

Fitness app development idea

How Our Client Got This Fitness App Development Idea

Based in Singapore, our client is a fitness enthusiast who is interested in gymming and love to live a healthy life. He maintains healthy food habits and exercises regularly. Being a fitness freak, he wanted to help other people who want to lose weight and create healthy eating habits. So, he decided to develop a fitness mobile application that helps people to maintain a food journal, maintain exercise and weight log, and ultimately track their progress.

How to find iPhone app development company

How Our Client Found Us

When he decided to develop an iOS fitness application, he searched for the iPhone app development company in Google. He found us in the search results as we are ranking on the first page of Google SERP. Then, he contacted us with his requirements and a problem that he wanted to resolve. It took a very little time to understand the concept as the requirement was very clear and definite.

GetFitBuddy app development idea

Our Client’s Requirements

As we have already developed over 40 fitness applications, the excitement was on the peak. He wanted us to develop one such iOS fitness app that allows users to maintain a visual food journal of an entire day, maintain exercise and weight log, and ultimately review their progress on regular basis.

His main aim was to help people to lose weight and track their daily unhealthy and healthy food habits. Through this application, he wanted to resolve the problem of unavailability of any solution to track food habits and maintain a visual food journal. Here is what we proposed to him.

Proposed Solution for fitness app development

Our Proposed Solution – Get Fit Buddy!

After understanding his requirements, our sales representative made a proposal for his requirements and proposed him a solution in terms of Get Fit Buddy! The proposed iOS fitness application helps users to change their food intake habits and create a healthy lifestyle.

Using Get Fit Buddy application, maintaining a visual food journal by taking a photo of every single meal becomes easily possible. Along with the photo, users assigns an emoticon from three different emoticons: smiley for healthy food, angry for junk food, and a normal for the rest.

Top Features

The application is a right choice for anyone at any time as it helps users to maintain their daily food log. Moreover, the application offers a range of following-mentioned features:

01Food Journal

Food Journal allows users to maintain a daily food journal of every single meal to track their unhealthy habits and improve them. Click the picture of the meals and upload it along with any emoticon from smiley, angry, and normal.

Food journal

02Exercise Log

Exercise Log maintains daily workout and exercise sessions, making entry of different exercises that users perform on daily basis.

Exercise Log

03 Emoticons Picture Linkage

Link all the meals with emoticons to track daily habits and performance. For the green and healthy meal, assign a smiley emoticon, angry for junk food, and normal for the rest food.

Emoticons Picture Linkage

04Weight Tracker

Input weight on daily basis and track it on a weekly, monthly or 6-month basis.

Weight Tracker

05Get Support, Get a Buddy

The application has a social feature, allowing users to connect with each other and get support to achieve their fitness goal.

Get Support, Get a Buddy

06One-to-One Chat

One-to-one chat option allows users to communicate with each other and discuss the progress and share tips. Check each other’s report, food journal and discuss it.

One-to-One Chat

07Review Progress

Get the detailed report to track progress. Check the progress through graph like food journal graph, weight graph, and exercise log graph. With these different graphs, track the progress that whether everything is on track or not.

Food journal

iOS Development of Get Fit Buddy

As our client decided to develop Get Fit Buddy application only on iOS platform, we assigned one of our Sr. iOS app developers, who has more than 2.5 years of experience in iOS app development. She first understood our client’s requirements as it was her first fitness application that includes visual food journal. After researching, she started developing Get Fit Buddy application with the required features.

While developing this diet and exercise app, our app developer faced challenges in setting-up chart feature, charts with emoji expressions, and food entry wheel that shows meal entries of the entire day of users. After spending almost 3 to 4 months, our iOS programmer successfully developed Get Fit Buddy application using some of the top tools and technologies.

Technologies That Used by Our iOS Developer

swift icon

Swift 4

Xcode icon

XCode 9.1

Third-party Libraries/SDK

iOS charts SDK

iOS Charts

ScalePicker Library in Get Fit Buddy app


Admob library


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