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GCP Navigator is a first – class in app, specifically designed for easy & efficient navigation of the ICH GCP step 4th version. This is a quick reference tool that allows you to browse through the guideline, manage bookmarks & your own search results. On top of this, it provides access to an offline built-in dictionary that supports 44 international languages, full synonym lookup & quick access to glossary items with a single click.

If you are a CRA, an Investigator, a Site personnel, Sponsor, a CRO or by other means involved or interested in clinical trials – this is THE App that needs to be on your mobile device (tablets & smartphones). It is highly recommended to anyone whose first language is not English.

The main features are:

  • Highly interactive user interface.
  • Easy & quick navigation using hyperlinked table of content.
  • Word-by-word translation available in 44 languages.
  • Easy creation & customizable bookmarks.
  • Save & prioritize your search results for future quick accessibility.
  • Optimized screen resolution for easy reading.

Exciting new features will be added in future versions.

The guideline has been transcribed into user friendly format & does not necessarily exactly follow page numbers etc. Please, refer to appropriate approved version on ICH website in case of any conflicts.

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