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FTcash Story

FTCash provides you with a means of paying to vendors, shopkeepers, restaurants and others, without having to carry a wallet. So go shopping or for a movie, without worries, as this application takes care of your monetary problems, while also taking care of the security regarding passwords and others.


  • Payment via Credit Card or Debit Card to your local merchants
  • Secured with PCI/DSS certification
  • Generate the invoice for each payment
  • Available for Customers and Merchants
  • Generate the invoice and send it to the customer with just one click


The logo of FT Cash, represents the tightly bound relationship between the app and the users. It is only to serve this purpose that the application’s logo, represents a bond related to trust and security between the user's and the app.

User Experience

This app deals with monetary issues and it is important for the app users to actually understand the process and make the transaction. For that very reason, the User Interface of this app was kept simple, leading from one page view to another, to enhance the User Experience.

Color Palette


Final Design

Ftcash Is Born

The client wanted an application that could solve the problem of carrying a wallet to every market place, when there is a need to do shopping or others. This is when we jumped in to bring the solution namely FT Cash. FTCash is a company, facilitating electronic payments and lends to small and micro merchants.

Ftcash Sets Benchmark with Funding

Within some period of launch, ftcash becomes a winner for being a startup/app that focused on core payment features, recognized by PayPal. It also got funding of US $5 lacs from investors to expand their app’s functionality.

According to the Economics Times, Ftcash has also secured Rs. 1 crore in pre-series A funding from the IvyCamp platform n 3rd March, 2016. Ftcash funding is among the first few investments of IvyCap Ventures Trust Fund II, who have allocated Rs. 60 crore for early-stage investments via the IvyCamp platform.

Your simple and small suggestions have proven to be game changers for my project. They really contributed towards making my product a success.  But what I really liked working with Space-O is that the project manager - Jignesh's high work ethics. He handled my project amazingly well even when he had a medical crisis going on in his family. Overall, I would never think of any other company but Space-O for my future projects.Vishal Parikh
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