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"You Decide."

These two words mostly heard by our client when he is trying to figure out where to go for dinner with his friend. Do you choose something like that? Have you feared when you are visiting a new restaurant for lunch or dinner? Where do you go to read good reviews about the place where you want to eat?

Difficult questions, isn’t it?

However, finding answers are very easy with Foodiini App, a restaurant based application. Answered to all the questions, Foodiini application provides a new and innovative channel for restaurants to communicate with prospective and returning customers.

Foodiini application provides a tool for users to view valuable user feedback for the dishes at the restaurant. We have developed restaurant application, Foodiini where users post pictures, promote new business and thank and retain their loyal customers.

Upload pictures

Upload pictures of your dish and see what others think of your picture


Earn higher rankings the more you post

Like Dishes

Add dishes you like to your favorites list so the next time you're hungry you know just what to order.


Receive gifts from the restaurants whose dishes you've liked

Identify pictures

Identify pictures that were uploaded by the restaurants

Reviews of Dishes

See what others think of the dish

Why Is Client Looking to develop App for Foodiini?

The client has started Foodiini for a simple reason, i.e. he loves food, and displaying pictures are the gateway to connect people with tasty dishes. One night, the client was searching restaurant pages while craving a juicy ribeye steak and it took much time to find specific dishes.

Sometimes, people spot the great dish, but have no clue what it called and thus, Foodiini has developed that lets users to see the food that they want to eat

What work we have done in Foodiini App?

The purpose behind the app development is to provide a tool for sharing information about food dish photos and restaurants. The App is the platform, where users can connect with each other and check out what’s new and trending food and restaurants.

We develop this app from scratch including idea discussion to app strategy, app designing to app development, quality analysis to launching at the App Store. This app has multiple user login feature through which customers (who will search for information using mobile app) and businesses (restaurants - who will add their business to the app from website backend, for users to search and view restaurant details on the app, and the last master admin (Who will manage complete system from backend).

What Technologies You Have Used to Develop Restaurant App?

We have used Objective-C to develop native iOS app with the website frontend and backend use of PHP YII 2 and host with Amazon hosting with S3 bucket. In the front end, restaurants can directly add details and use exchange data between Native iOS Mobile App and the Back End.

What type of restaurant application does client expect from us?

The client is looking for an app like Zomato. An App should have tons of yummy dishes that speak for itself. The client believes that looking at the pictures, one cannot make the decision of ordering the food. So, he thought to develop an app to collect feedback from the people, who taste the dish. He also wants to edit photos using iOS native function and edit photos using aviary library free function.

How Foodini Works


What was the team size of this project? How much time taken to complete this project?

The client wanted us to develop Android and iOS application. Till now, we have launched four versions of this application and soon, the fifth version will launch. This project has taken a good time of development and still it is ongoing with the updating it for the next version. The project has managed by the team consists of the Project Manager, iOS developer, Android developer, and QA.

What is the target audience of this app?

The client’s target audience is Only USA (especially California)

Our experience of Foodiini app development

Our philosophy at Space-O is simple – Create the system that works for their stakeholders. The most successful systems that we have been experiencing is to have user friendly navigation systems, eye-catching graphics and the most important…a compelling cause associated with it. We were excited when in the middle of the app development, we got request to add couple of backend features and photo editing features for restaurant and food dishes but that is where the app stands different.

Client is passionate entrepreneur and he inspires our developers with the new ideas for app features and make it even unique.

Any type of big escalation you got?

There is no any kind of escalation we have faced. But initially, we found the server is very slow, as we have added more than 96 restaurants. Now, it works well.

What type of apps client did suggested you to look into for UI or UX?

The client didn’t suggest us any application, but he has an idea that we wanted to develop app like Zomato. When our app designers (artist) got the request from client, they have searched the top five restaurants app of the targeted market and used in the demo design to give the better understanding of user design, and client was amazed to see this type of innovation that our developers have done to demonstrate the design.


Innovative Channel for Restaurants to Interact with Customers

Foodiini - The platform enables your restaurant dishes to do the talking, along with the unique ability to send promotional deals seamlessly to app users, who enjoy your food, view valuable user feedback, post beautiful pictures, promote new business, as well as thank and retain loyal customers.

We believe that restaurants apps are cost-effective and incredibly important to increase sales and gaining new guests. We are happily coding mobile company to provide the best possible app solution to our customers and Foodiini was one of them.

Words From Our Happy Clients

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