Flickbay – Bollywood Ka App

Flickbay is an intelligent film discovery platform, allowing users to read personalized film-related content.

Flickbay app has complex recommendation algorithms that understand user behavior to personalize content for each user and keep them engaged and entertained.


The Client’s Filmy Idea:

The client wanted to develop an app that can be known as IMDB for Bollywood hindi movie reviews. He wanted to gather all the information of old and new movies in a single app. Also, the client wanted to provide users to get the feed on the basis of their preference/interest.

The Client’s Filmy Idea

The Born of Flickbay

Flickbay is a Bollywood fan’s dream app, hosting the world’s widest database of Bollywood movies. It is one of the best platforms through which user rates latest hindi movies, share their reviews and follow their friends with same film interests. From golden oldies to upcoming releases. Flickbay handpicked trailers, videos, news and film ratings from only the most reliable sources across the world wide web.

Flickbay Features

Search Movies by Genre, Actor, Director or Cast & Crew

Discover what’s playing on TV today

Set Reminders of your favorite film on TV

See the latest Bollywood Movie Trailers

Stay updated with all Bollywood news

See Fresh Interviews of Khans, Akshay Kumar, Ranvir Singh

Movies’ Review at Your Fingertips

Get trivia and box office collections of all movies

Create personalized watchlists

Like and share exclusive Bollywood content

The Team & Technologies

We have a team of 2 iOS developers, 2 Android developers, and 2 Java (backend) developers who dedicatedly works to develop an app for iOS and Android platforms. The client provided us design, and we have used Objective-C to develop iOS app, Java for Android app and OrientDB as a database.

The Client’s Filmy Idea

Difficulties and Results

We have used OrientDB to develop recommendation engine. However, we have faced problem in developing an algorithm to fetch personalized feed. At last, we have successfully coded it and now, users will get personalized feeds based on their interaction with the app. for e.g. what users like the most – songs, gossips, trailers, genre, movie reviews, and so on.

The Client’s Filmy Idea

Escalations & Solutions

Yes. This is a big project and it is obvious to get escalations. Sometimes, the designing team was not responding while sometimes, we were unable to deliver some phase of product on time. Even, we have faced problems when our QA team was unable to find bugs, after a certain part of the app developer.

However, our team coordinates properly to complete app on-time and deliver bug-free Flickbay app to the client.

The Outcome

It’s just a beginning. We have developed ‘Baap of all Bollywood Apps’ so, it is obvious we have to add many other features in this application. Recently, Flickbay has an active 15,000 users and we have handled the database successfully and server.

Flickbay app has an amazing hotkey that allows users to get movie trailers, songs, music videos, current and upcoming film releases, box office numbers, latest news, reviews, movies playing on TV and DVD with just a single click. It also gives real-time movie content and easy navigation to explore personal watch-list by just sign up with an app.

The Client’s Filmy Idea

Future Plans

Launched by Indian actor-producer Farhan Akhtar, Flickbay is the second major Bollywood-centric app hopes to stand out from its competitors with exclusive news coverage. Flickbay will plan to have a page for every actor and movie with trailers, box office collections, ratings and so on.

Flickbay founder Vishal Ramchandani said:

“Working in the movie space, I realized that there was no platform which combined everything about Bollywood under one roof. One had to go to individual websites, blogs etc. to get their daily dose of Bollywood content.”

Flickbay will also integrate rewards system for consuming content. Users get points for sharing and watching content that will be redeemable against movie tickets, film memorabilia and autographed merchandise.

The movie review app will also have social networks to promote user-generated movie reviews and make personalized lists for favorite trailers, songs, and movies. Flickbay plans to use a Facebook-like algorithm for recommending content to users on the basis of their usage.

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Appreciation from Clients


Douglas Laver


The Space-O team were great to work with. Every part of the process went as per the agreed schedule, and the finished prototype met, and in most cases, exceeded my expectations. While Space-O wasn’t the most price competitive of the quotes I received, the quality of their work, professionalism, and product, was well worth the additional cost. Highly recommend, and will continue to use their services for future projects.



United Kingdom

They performed in all aspects excellently. They have given well-appreciated discounts at various stages of the project and also with suggestions that saved cost. When it comes to delivering, they were always ahead of time. We don’t know how they do that but that’s very impressive. Their agility and customer support is on a different level, well appreciated.


Ashton Asherian


Space-O Technologies showed genuine interest in the project. The efficient team delivered quality results at a cost-effective price. We wanted to develop a minimum viable product that would be ready for scalability. It was a great experience working with them. We are so happy that we had the chance to meet Space-O. We love their work. Their project management and structure were amazing. The team loved what they were doing. There was passion behind every single piece of work.