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Fetched: Good News

GET READY TO SMILE…..Fetched: Good News! is a news reader app populated daily with positive, UPLIFTING, FEEL-GOOD news. We have searched the Internet for the best sources of good news and “fetched” it for you.

Have you stopped catching up on the news because it seems like all you ever see is depressing, sad, and overall bad news? This happens all the time – you were cut off on your way to work, had a bad day at the office, just got news that was anything but great, and it put you in a bad mood. Yeah, us, too. We have the answer…

Just open Fetched: Good News! and select from the articles “fetched” for you daily to give you the boost of good news that you need!

Know a friend or a family member who could use a mood lift? Press the share button within the article to share with SMS or Email. Want to reach the larger audiences in your social networks? The same share button lets you post directly to FaceBook and Twitter to brighten the days of countless others.

Did you find something positive or uplifting that you know you will want to read again later? You can add any story to your Favorites screen and enjoy it over and over.
There’s also an alarm feature that you can set to remind you to check out what news is good in the world. Fetched: Good News! alarms can be set to repeat daily, weekly, and monthly, so you’ll never forget to check in with the news that puts a smile on your face.

The best part is that it’s super simple to use. Just tap the icon to open the app and start reading!

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