Event Executer = Next level calendar execution!”

The Event Executer app was created in order to provide a system as a part of which, one can set alarms, reminders, events and others, along with the date and time, with an additional feature of navigation (using GPS).


One of the most important features of this app, is the calendar feature. On this page, one can select the date, and add an event to it. One can also select the number of times and when this alarm would ring.


This feature is all about the details of the event for which the reminder has been set. It allows one to set the event name, date and time of the beginning of the event along with the date and time of the end of the event.

New Event

Create an event of your own, adding all the details that you may need reminding of.

Event Executer

This is the page that opens up on the day for which this event has been set up. It shows all the details that have been feed in earlier, giving you the option of call or get directions depending on the event type.



The Event Executer app is a combination of an alarm and calendar app. It makes a foolproof system to allow people in getting notified about the events they have filled in. So whether it be your girlfriend’s birthday or be it your best friend’s wedding; never miss any event like you did before, with Event Executer.

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