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. Introduction . 01

Saint-Gobain is the French manufacturer of antique, hand-blown stained glass, providing an insulation solution that would boost an acoustic performance. Most of the times, they have complex and vast projects that could be not easy to manage. So, they have thought of developing Ecophone application that based on calculations and logic.

They are looking for such application that helps their employees and customers to make acoustic ceiling design by arranging the specific grid system. Their application must solve the problem of an executive, who visited the customer for ceiling design purpose by providing them a glance of the desired designs. They are looking for such application that should be a completely native application with no third party SDKs and APIs.

. THE GRID . 02

The Grid - Ecophon app

. Client Requirement . 03

Developing an application that used for combining great acoustics with exciting graphic expressions for the large space areas. The application solves the problems that usually client faces when design architecture visited at their place with different designing ideas.

The application should provide a rough idea with the preferred patterns and designs once we have entered the ceiling’s measurement. Even, it shows different design for the ceiling with the fixed grid.

We have requested our clients for some more time to understand the definite requirements and come up with solutions that actually client looking from us.

Good acoustics can:

  • Reduce adrenaline levels with 30%
  • Improve task motivation with 60%
  • Improve performance during concentration demanding tasks with up to 50%
  • Improve mental arithmetic performance with 20%

. Challenges & Wins . 04

Add Complex Calculations and Logics in Ecophon app

Add Complex Calculations and Logics

The most interesting and challenging part of this application is it calculations and logics. No matter, how small or big client’s area is, this application calculates and designs everything with just a click of a button. This application performs the logic automatically and users can create the desired design with the panels.

Saint-Gobain is one of the biggest and challenging project for us that provides a chance to do a lot of research and implement stack of technologies related to calculations and logics.

. Wireframe . 05

Ecophon Master Matrix is developed for users to see the sample of acoustic ceiling design that arranged with grid and row view. It enables them to unleash their creativity and explore the new ways to improve design vision.

Ecophon app wireframe

Initially, we started by creating theme in the blueprint of the application. Such things were then used for exploring the concepts for Ecophon’s application icon.

Ecophon app icon design

. Navigation . 06

Navigation view in ecophon app

When exploring an application, you will find easy navigation functionality with many sub-items. We haven’t made app’s navigation too complex and thus, we decided to create arrow and easy-to-use buttons.

Operating System



Obj. C



. The Success . 07

We have created an application that unleashes creativity and explores new stylish way to improve your design vision. This application enables to create a grid design for the acoustic ceiling that surely reduces the noise pollution. An application only needs to enter the size and the row width for creating ceiling grid.

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