Client’s Requirements

Client contacted us with a unique idea and concept of developing financial tool that help users to discover the approximate amount or account balance that they required in their bank account. Client had a very clear vision about his project as he wanted to help people from overdrafting their account.

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Our Offered Solution

We offered highly intelligent iOS solution to our client that meets their described requirements. We strived to develop this solution to go beyond our client’s expectations and deliver the user-friendly experience to users of the application.

By comprehending each requirement of a client, we developed the most effective solution, the way our client had thought in mind. Our team of this project had developed the entire logic behind this application.

About the Application

BillGenius is an intellectual financial tool, which is well-known for optimizing your bills, income, and bank account balance. You just need to simply deliver your monthly recurring bills and what days you get paid on.

The application will make use of this information to discover the smallest account balance that required in your bank account today. The application will also regulate what’s the minimum deposit amount should be on each payday to protect you from overdrafting your account. So, do not bother about the having very little money in your bill-paying account.

Incredible Features of the App

Stuffed with a comprehensive range of features, BillGenius gives a wonderful experience to its users while using.
Following are the features of BillGenius application

[Enter Monthly Bills]

Users of the application can enter monthly bills, including the bill name, max amount expected and the draft day of every single bill. However, if you are not sure about the day when bill will draft your account, you can assume the earliest day possible.

[Add Income]

You can enter anywhere from 1 to 4 paydays every month such as 1st, 15th, etc. The application does not want to know the income that you are generating. It will only let you know the money that requires to be added to your account on each payday to support the provided list of bills.

[Check Results]

Once you press the calculate, the application will offer the minimum deposit amount, which is required on each payday and the minimum account balance.

How to use BillGenius App?

  • Enter Monthly Bills filing information like bill name, maximum expected
  • Enter Monthly Income
  • Check Calculation Results

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