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When Your Audience Asks

What is the best way to grow your business? The answer is simple. Deliver what your audience asks, ain’t it? The same situation happened to our Inkdot client. Even though he has a popular website, which has been featured in TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, and Uncrate - a lot of his end users asked him, “Why don’t we have any app that prints photo like Photo Studio? How can I order custom metal prints from my mobile phone? Can I get the print if I share images directly from my Instagram or Facebook?” And these questions lead our client to make a quick decision.

Considering the rapidly growing requests, our client took a decision. He decided to develop the best photo print app in the market. A picture printing app which allows its users to select any image from their personal Instagram, Facebook, and Gallery to be printed on Woods, Metals, or Coasters. In short, a medium which print photos from phone app. But, wait. Where did he find us?

Thank you, Google

When he finally decided to hire dedicated iOS developers, he Googled and found us in the search results. Of course, we rank well in the Google SERP for the USA and European countries. He found us, but there was a hidden problem which was yet to be introduced.

Understanding the Requirements

Initially, we thought, the development part is easy - and all we need to do is, just to convert all the website functionalities into an app, using the ready-made APIs as the website was build in the Magento. But, it was not. The client explained us the real problem - the website was build using customized Magento. That means we have to develop customized APIs at certain points in the development process. Comprehending its actual requirements, we started the development part. And even though, it was complex project, we successfully turned all the customized Magento functionalities into an iOS app. But, that was not as simple as it sounds. Read why.

Typograhpy Fonts & Colors Patterns

iOS App Development of InkDot

Understanding the complexity of turning customized Magento website into an iOS application, we assigned one full stack iOS developer, who has 2 years of experience in iOS app development and working knowledge of Magento framework.

While converting customized Magento website into an iOS app, she faced a lot of challenges.

For example: No ready-made APIs were available which she could directly use. So first of all, she understood the customized functionalities of Magento. And then, coded customized APIs which can be integrated into the application without any problem.

Eventually, she converted entire customized Magento website functionalities into an iOS application within just 3 months. Yes, just 3 months.

Technologies used to manually convert Magento to mobile application

Third party libraries/SDK

  • FileStack - for uploading edited images to server
  • Facebook SDK - for login & localytics
  • Braintree - for Payment gateway integration

For the backend development, we assigned one dedicated web developer, who has 2+ years of experience. He faced a difficulty during the payment integration process as some of the ready-made APIs did not match the current requirements of the client. Yet he managed to resolve it manually, and completed the backend development within tight deadline.

Technologies used for the web development

Web Development of InkDot

About InkDot

Inkdot was totally new experience for us. We manually converted Magento websites into Android and iOS applications before, but we have not converted customized Magento website to iOS application. The Inkdot is a printing photo app which allows stunning prints on Wood, Metal, Paper Prints right from your phone. It allows delivery within just one week. See how Inkdot works in 3 simple steps.

  • Select photos for printing from your Gallery, Instagram, or Facebook
  • Select the printing medium and size of the material
  • Get your print at your home

Revenue ++

Within short period of time, Inkdot has earned higher ROI with 4+ average rating on AppStore. Till now, Inkdot has earned

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Sanela Radoievici
Great company to deal with and an excellent quality app was produced. Space-O did the design and development of the app and we couldn't be happier with the end result. The three-month guarantee they offer post app upload is great for peace of mind. I will be using them again in the future. Extremely happy with the end result.Sanela Radoievici
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