Curbee turns your favorite
restaurants into a drive-thru!

Story behind CURBEE

When the client came to us with a rough idea, about an easy way for the consumers to order their food through an app while traveling and pick the food parcel from the restaurant that are drive-thru to their close distance.

Bringing the ingredients for success

Branding, colour palette, Brand Icon

Having efficient team we brought together to harvest ideas, that became the groundwork for more than a dozen user experience concepts.


As it was all about food, we wanted to express Curbee and its services through the right branding. Hence we studied deeply to understand the easiest mode of ordering food while travelling, and hence took up easy and user friendly usage of tools.

Brand color

Since it was all about food, we wanted to splash the icons with bright and rich colors similar to the food ingredients

Brand icon

Understanding the importance of ordering quickly as it is done while traveling, we crafted user interface that expresses Curbee’s brand to the utmost minute details. This level of meticulousness is a vital ingredient in communicating a high-quality brand image.


Benevolent user with more than what they crave

Curbee gives users a simple, easy intuitive experience with the ability to search, save favorites, and access specific content – all these in a crisp interface designed for the increasingly urbane travelers with a smartphone on their hands.

Was a really great experience working with your team. Thank you for the hard work and great outcome.Ibrahim Alhemyari
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