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Coachanize is an app that helps coaches in basically doing all the pre and post session tasks such as; attendance, deciding and allocating slots to all the students, inviting the students to download the student version of this app, ‘Studentize,’ send free messages and more.


This app was an attempt to make sure that the coaches were helped in doing their job perfectly. Making every other process easy, this app allows the coach to focus on coaching while the app takes care of the rest.

Concept Design

Icon Design

How it works


As a coach, one can create the time slot available and share it with students to decide upon the time, place and others for the session to be.


Enables you to grow your network with the students by allowing to invite them to use the app and be a part of your coaching program and PR.


As a part of this app, one can use the feature of free text messages, sent to those students/ candidates who use the Studentize app.

Track & Monitor

No confusion and no issues to be faced by you as the app in concern will take care of the attendance and payment, leaving you to only focus on coaching.


  • Booking

    The coach can book slots or offer free slots to them from amongst which they can choose one of their choice.

  • Calendar

    Following your schedule is now a piece of cake. Use different calendar views, to schedule and follow the timings.

  • Attendance

    This app allows one to take attendance, before, during or after the session.

  • Message

    Planning and communicating becomes easier for the coaches, using this app and its sister app Studentize.

  • Students

    As a part of this app, a list of students can be created and found.

  • Track Payment

    Track the student’s payment history and share it with them, individually, with easy documentation.

Final Design

The Result

Our clients wanted an app that could help coaches of all sorts and their students to gel up, decide and plan their days without any confusion, while also making their lives simpler in other ways. We gave them, ‘Coachanize.’

We really appreciate the flexibility given by Space-O Technologies. We got instant replies from them when we needed any changes in our mobile app. In fact, my team learned a lot while working with Space-O Technologies. It was an absolute pleasure working with Space-O. Thank you.Sanzio, The Chain Team
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