Where Did Idea Came From?

People just love taking photos. It’s kind of a magic being able to capture a moment, adore, and share it with everyone on different social media platforms. Although, sometimes people get stumped when thinking of a perfect caption for their photos to share with everyone.

Therefore, the client came up with the idea of a photo editing app to solve this problem. The goal of this app is to provide a tool to people who wants to gain writer's block when uploading their photos onto social media.

What Was The Need?

Today, social media presence is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. A social media account is a brand of yourself. What you share and what you post on social media, shows who you are as a person to your peers. A caption may not seem as important, but it displays a lot about you without saying much.

As you can probably relate, sometimes finding that perfect caption for your photo is not easy as it seems. That is why, client decided to create “Closed Caption” to aid Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook users with great captions for their pictures and posts.

The Requirements For Closed Caption!

Hundreds of various apps appear in the result when you look for a photo editor that enhance your images and add certain effects to make photos fun (turning pictures into memes or adding stickers). But almost none of them provide the option of suggesting perfect captions to post onto social media.

Our client recognized this opportunity and approached us with his idea of Closed Caption.

Overcoming The Obstacles

The initial design of this app was created based on a film-shooting theme, which was fun to look at. But, our QA team felt that the navigation was bit confusing. So, by taking approval from the client, we made a minor change in the design, and converted it into an effective and user-oriented design.

Proposed Solution

When client approached us with his idea, he wanted to create a very specific photo app to solve this problem: Finding Perfect Captions for Photos.

So, we converted his idea into a photo app that solves this daily problem of writers block on social media with flawless app design and easy navigation throughout the app.

Closed Caption Success

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” - Molière

We had the same experience with Closed Caption. The app didn’t receive good response when it was published, but the client was extremely patient. And recently, the app has climbed to the 8th position in photos and videos category.

Top Chart

Counting Closed Caption, we now have total 10 apps that got listed in top 200 photos app category. Click here to check out the other 9 apps.


‘ I can not stress how great the team is. They’ve already made 4 apps for my company. Development is spotless, theses guys can do anything, they know what they’re talking about! I haven’t any of my apps crash, design is surprisingly good. It’s really high quality at a competitive price. Also the relationship with the team is great, they speak awesome english, understand everything perfectly, they’re available on Skype: if you’re hesitating with another company: hire SpaceO! ’Gabrial Muller
Space-O are the best programmers we have worked with. They are experts in programming and design. We highly recommend working with them, and appreciate the effort and time they put into making our app dream come true!Onur Sahin
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