Carenga taps into the
Power of Music to bring life
and joy into your care interactions


Carenga is an app that focuses on sharing music with the loved ones, thereby showing your care for them. It allows you to create playlists, search and listen to songs and enrich your taste in music.


Carenga is the name of an app that combines the two feelings music invokes, ‘care + Engagement = Carenga.’ These are the emotions one can share while sharing music, using the Carenga application.

Main Features

Find Music:

Since this is an app that helps one in searching for, finding, reviewing businesses and events of different types, it was important to deal with this issue sensitively. Therefore a clear picture was build using Wireframe, using which the app could be developed.


Create a playlist, by selecting the songs you like and then choose to play it. One can add or change playlists anytime you want.


Create an album of pictures to view for your favourite songs. This will enhance your carenga experience.


Shoot a video of someone close to you singing or dancing, to then share it with your friends or family on facebook.

Icon Design

Final Design

The Result

The clients came to us with a dream of making music a way of spreading care and engagement, while also increasing the bond between people. We gave them exactly what they wanted, "Carenga".

Keith Greenstein
100 STARS! My experience with the Space-0 team was amazing. They executed every aspect of my app perfectly, and often ahead of schedule. Space-0 clearly has vast knowledge and expertise in their field. They are professional, collaborative, communicative and creative. I’ve developed a number of apps over the years but this was by far my best experience. Very highly recommended.Keith Greenstein
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