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Workout boredom is a common problem and one of the 5 major reasons why people stop exercising. Over 50% of people have been found to get bored with their workout in a recent Make Boring Brilliant workout survey conducted by VitaminWater Zero.

But with an app solution like “CardioSurprise” it is possible to never have the same workout twice. Get to know more about it.


  • Circuit Illustrations / Descriptions – each Circuit contains a simple illustration with a quick and expanded text description of the exercise
  • Cues – Whistle, Vibrate, Flashing Screen, and/or Voice cues will alert you 45 seconds prior to each Circuit
  • Music Playlists – import the songs that keep your body moving!
  • Social Integration – publish your achievements on Facebook or Twitter


  • Ideal for both, workouts with and without equipment: Equipment is not a mandate to perform the Circuits mentioned in CardioSurprise. But if needed, there are a few circuits available for purchase that feature special equipment, and that users may like to include in their workouts, such as free weights or stability balls.
  • Track Progress as well as Earn Rewards: Not only one can ensure the improvement with the Progress Meter feature in CardioSurprise but users will have an opportunity to earn up to 9 more Circuits (that require no equipment) at no additional cost.
  • Suits all fitness levels: CardioSurprise is suited to all levels of fitness though children under the age of 13 are not permitted to use this app.
  • Can be used for Indoor and Outdoor workouts both: CardioSurprise app can be used with traditional indoor workouts (like treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical machine or indoor track) as well as in outdoors while walking, jogging and running. Further the app can be used in park, track, beach or any desired neighborhood where one can pull over safely to perform the Circuits.
  • Target Different Areas: CardioSurprise features 6 different circuits each comprised of conditioning exercises geared toward one of the following target areas
    • Abs
    • Arms/Shoulders
    • Back/Chest
    • Legs/Butt
    • Flexibility/Balance
    • Total Body

Our Role:
To create monotony-free workout app solution, we

  • Analyzed the need thoroughly after receiving the information and artwork from client
  • Wrote native code to create boredom free workout app for both iPhone as well as Android
  • Tested app performance on iPhone and Android devices to ensure friendly user experience

Tools & Technologies Used:
Objective C, XCode, Android

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