“The Science of Happiness – an Experiment in Gratitude”
Get into the Butterfly effect to ripple a positive life

Project overview

The client wanted a special effect with scientific theory behind the app was to bring positive ripple effect that would make one's life and other people's life happier, within a single occurrence would change the course of the universe forever, thus Butterfly Effect was born.

Butterfly Effect is your anonymous world, designed to make you happier by giving gratitude, getting inspiration, sharing your wishes, and connecting people like you.

Strategy behind app

In age where we walk around with audio/ video powerhouse in our pocket, we always wanted to be connected, and our goal was to create a social network anonymously where all our emotions, gratitude and personality of the users shines through.

Building blocks


The whole concept of a product lies on the branding, our client came to us with the name “Give Get Share”, but after several logo version, we realized it was not as par with the app, after several drawing and thinkings we came with the perfect name was staring right on our eyes: Butterfly Effect – Your Anonymous World


When it comes to anonymous chatting, we were very clear that we would make the iconography bold and recognizable, so that it is at ease to use.

A few icons

A simple set of icon is created to illustrate key points that ButterlyEffect wanted to emphesise.

Great company to work with and would recommend them to any Elance user. Good technical skills and account management. They also came up with innovative and creative ways to solve solutions.Lawrence
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