Business Classics

Business Classics Showcase

Business Classics

Book Included:

    • The Art Of War


    • The Age of Big Business

Burton J. Hendrick

    • Analyzing Character

Katherine M.H. Blackford

    • Applied Psychology

Warren Hilton

    • The Banker and the Bear

Henry Kitchell Webster

    • The Book of Business Etiquette

Nella Henney

    • The Business Career in its Public Relations

Albert Shaw

    • Business Correspondence
    • Business Hints for Men and Women

Alfred Rochefort Calhoun

    • Captains of Industry

James Parton

    • Creating Capital

Frederick L. Lipman

    • The Early Bird

George Randolph Chester

    • Etiquette

Emily Post

    • The Free Press

Hilaire Belloc

    • Get-Rich-Quick

George Randolph Chester

    • The Go-Getter

Peter B. Kyne

    • Goat-Feathers

Ellis Parker Butler

    • Higher Education and Business Standards

Willard E. Hotchkiss

    • Hodge and His Masters

Richard Jefferies


Interface & Design

  • Page Turning, Settings, Menus & Table Of Contents Uniquely Designed.
  • Rich Graphical User Interface.
  • Designed with focus on reading, menus and settings are out of the way but easily accessible.
  • Intuitive Design.
  • Sun Table Of Content System.
  • 3D Page Turning.
  • Search.
  • BookMark.


  • Font Face – Option to choose different font types.
  • Font Size – Adjust font size to make smaller or larger.
  • Text Color – Change the color of the reading text on the screen.


  • Text Alignment – Choose to have text aligned: Left, Right, Center, Justified.
  • Line Spacing – Spacing between each 2 line.
  • Margin Width – Distance between the text and sides of the reader.
  • Link Color – Set color for links.
  • Selection Color – Color for highlighted text.


  • Night Reading – Choose for easier reading at night.
  • Page Turn Sound – Page Turning sound on or off.
  • Lock Rotation – Option to lock reader to portrait mode only.
  • Hide Phone Status – Ability to show or hide the status of the phone/network.

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Recently we worked with Space-O in developing our IOS app for the iPad Dexter and Friends. The project was handled from start to finish with great care, I enjoyed working with Ankit Shah and the rest of the development team. They were very responsive in dealing with minor set backs such as bug fixes. Their quality and assurance team didn’t stop till I was completely satisfied with the final product. They also were proactive in suggesting improvements to the user interface and helped us develop an easy to use parental control which allowed our app to qualify for IOS app store’s new ‘Kids’ section. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a company who will stay within a reasonable budget and deliver a top quality product.Kevin
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