Before You Land in Paris

Before You Land in Paris Showcase

Before You Land in Paris

***** Complete Travel Guide to Paris *****

Over the years,  France over the years has been an enjoyable and fascinating country to visit by millions of visitors each year, and Paris is one of the most popular holiday and travel destinations in the world. It is also considered to be world’s most fashionable and romantic city.

“Before you Land in Paris” is a complete travel guide to Paris. You will have in-depth and detailed travel information from planning your tour to executing it successfully on your device with intuitive navigations.


  • You will have on hand 1000 phrases that are commonly used while traveling to France.
  • Top 20 locations to visit in Paris.
  • 1000 Phrases you can convert into French.
  • Add favorites to both (Top 20 locations and 1000 Phrases).
  • Get Ready section will have the information like Cost of leaving, currencies / cards/ banking information, weather information.
  • Top Places to Visit in Paris with details like History, Location, Attractions – sites to visit (Bars Restaurants, Hotels, Railway, Photo Gallery).
  • Share places, history, attraction, hotels and photo gallery with your friends and family via email and FB.

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