Beauty Care through Vitamins

Beauty Care through Vitamins Showcase

Beauty Care through Vitamins

** Now iPhone 5 Compatible **

**Get your Beauty back & change your personality makeover with Vitamins **

Today, personality is the most important factor in our social and professional life. Appearance (your physical look and feel) is a major factor in determining personality. Hence, everyone wants to be look-a-like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.

There are 18 vitamins and minerals important for skin complexion, healthy hair, etc. The vitamins presented here are responsible for growth, regeneration, production and protections of skin and hair, which are important part of our body.

We have included here 80+ natural sources for 18 vitamins, which can make you a beauty queen. All sources are given with detailed information about them, their benefit, nutritional facts and images.

Download the app and get rid of pimples, dark circles, dandruff, dark circles…


  • iOS 5.0 compatible.
  • Universal app runs on iPhone & iPad.
  • Information on each vitamin with their effects.
  • All sources for vitamins are listed with the following useful information:
    1. Information on source;
    2. Benefit from that source;
    3. Nutritional facts of source;
  • Health benefit of each source, with nutritional facts.
  • Manage favorites for sources of vitamins.
  • Badge number counter for favorites.
  • Share details of vitamins and their source with your friend and family via Email.
  • Share sources with vitamins on FB.
Available in Android market

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