Baby Costumes Photo Booth

Baby Costumes Photo Booth Showcase

Baby Costumes Photo Booth

Wearing a costumes to baby for looks, it’s so much difficult? Download and check how simple it is.

See your baby/child in funky and stylish costumes at Free of cost by selecting more then 60+ Baby Costumes. We have selected BEST Baby Costumes ever.

** More Baby Costumes follow in the next upgrade soon **

Instruction to ink Baby Costumes Photo Booth:

  • Select the picture either from your Photo Library or take a fresh Photo using your camera.
  • Select the Face of your baby Picture and crop it as you want them to be placed.
  • Select the Baby Costumes from the list and on single click it will be placed on the picture selected. Move the selected cropped face photo to the desired position on the Costume.
  • To rotate the selected cropped face image, use two fingers, and then move selected cropped image on screen at the desired position. You can also use two-finger pinch to zoom in/out for the selected cropped image.
  • You can save your picture with new baby costumes, set to your picture gallery and also share it using e-Mail, FaceBook and Twitter.
  • See your Child in new amazing costume preview
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