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The AxCalc is an application made by anesthetists for anesthetists.It brings together in a single application the 20 most common calculations in the induction and maintenance of anesthesia.

With a nice layout and usability tested relentlessly to be simple, this application allows the professional anesthesiologist to perform important calculations, revise formulas, save and share results, set parameters and limits for data and calculations, set preferences and favorites.

We believe we can transform devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch accessories to assist the anesthetist in promoting digital experience data accuracy and thus, contribute to the safety of anesthesia.

The AxCalc is the first app for mobiles approved by the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology.

In AxCalc, you find the following calculations:

  • Fractionated Dose Calculation for Oral Drug Administration;
  • Fractionated Dose Calculation for Intravenous Drug Administration Via;
  • Rate Speed ​​Drip;
  • Counter Drops;
  • Infusion rate in ml / h;
  • Conversion mcg / min ml / h;
  • Conversion ml / h in mcg / min;
  • Conversion mcg / kg / min ml / h;
  • Conversion ml / h in mcg / kg / min;
  • Rate Speed ​​Intravenous Infusion;
  • Correction Calculation for Acute Sodium;
  • Calculation for volume replacement According to Tissue Injury;
  • Calculation for the Fast Replacement in Surgical Patients;
  • Calculation of Allowable intraoperative bleeding;
  • Ideal Weight;
  • Ideal Weight Fixed;
  • Universal Converter Metric Units;
  • Converter Solutions with Respect Mass – Volume;
  • Propofol and Calculator;
  • Helpdesk for Doses of Muscle Relaxants.

The AxCalc guard in a history organizes by date accessed calculations and results, allowing access to these easily and simply.

All calculations enable the professional review the formula used.

User can easily select their preferred calculations or more frequent use in day-to-day, leaving them always available from the top menu of calculations. 
Under Settings, the anesthetist can make fine adjustments of limits for specific calculations.

Disclaimer *** ***

This application is intended to be an aid to decision-making and conduct in the daily routine of an anesthesiologist, reducing error rates and increasing the accuracy of the anesthetic.

Keep in mind that the anesthesia calculations must be reviewed continuously, with care and precision. If the calculations are in disagreement with the AxCalc, please, consult another reference to resolve the doubt. 
Send questions and suggestions to [email protected]

The AnesTech is a Group company ANESTEX responsible for research and development in new technologies that can improve routine professional anesthetist promoting agility and precision in access to information and aiding decision making at critical moments in the anesthetic and thus, benefit the surgical patient .

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