It is difficult for people to manage reading with the rest of the work they have; however, with the Audio-Books app, it becomes easier for one to manage the chores along with gaining knowledge about the favourite book.


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While there are many websites that allow audiobooks to be listened to or downloaded, this app makes it handy, using the power of smartphone and its accessibility. It encourages the reading (oops ‘listening’) of books, thereby leveraging the books related culture.

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The logo of this app is very aptly designed, putting the flipping pages of a book, keeping on turning till one more book passes into the realm of the knowledge of the person.

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Our concerned clients came to us in search of an app that could make ‘reading’ a practiced art once again, on a platform that is much accepted. In turn we made them, ‘Audio-Book.’

This team was nice to work with and I felt like I got a great app for the price, which was very reasonable. They always got back to me right away and did the work quickly. I slowed the process down a couple of times by taking too long to make decisions, but they were always right on time and I was surprised how quickly they finished it!Barb Raveling
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