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AppGuardian is an App Monitoring Service for App publishers. Using AppGuardian, App Publishers can see the apps’ ranking by iTunes category and get notified on rules set.


  • Provides App Monitoring platform to App Publishers / Publishing Companies to see their app’s rankings and standings.
  • Lets users set (n) number of alerts to get notifications for selected events or happenings such as the decrease or increase in Rankings of Apps.
  • Provides App Review Monitoring too.
  • Sends alert notifications via Email and Text Messages.


  • Easy and Automated App Monitoring.
  • Highly customizable alert configuration system – sets custom rules as needed;
  • Saves considerable time that most App Publishers use to create and market their Apps.

AppGuardian, as the name conveys, guards against the possibilities of poor app performance (in terms of popularity) by providing an easy to use alert notification system that encourages timely actions for changing ranks and negative reviews.

Our Role:
To deliver the required solution, Space-O:

  • Developed backend system using MySQL.
  • Developed front-end system using HTML5, JQuery Mobile and so on.
  • Consumed iTunes Search API.
  • Consumed Twilio text messaging service.

Tools & Technologies used:
PHP5/MySQL, HTML5, Yii, JQuery, Twilio, AWS

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I am extremely happy that I went with Atit and his team. I was a little weary at first since his team did not have encryption experience, so when I followed up with him after not hearing from him for two days, he had apologized and informed me his team was testing out the encryption before responding to my inquiries. I was fairly impressed. Throughout the project, Atit has been very responsive and e-mailing me back every night if not every other night. It was due to my inexperience that the project finished on time. If I had known the importance of flowcharts and providing every single screen step by step, I believe Atit's team could've finished the project within two to three weeks (I had projected 4-5 weeks). If you'd like to view what his team has done, feel free to check out "Pocket Wallet". Thank you so much Atit!Jenn
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