A Powerful Offline Navigation App that Proves “Not All Wanderers are Lost”

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Smartphones have been the wanderer’s companion since the advent of GPS and Maps.

If you want to explore a city or a town, you would simply open the Map tools available on your smartphone, and get set to paint the town red. But, that’s not how things work when it comes to the backcountry, deserts or other such places.

Hardly does your GPS connect in such places, let alone exploring with a map.

Another major issue that you find in exploring the backcountry is the integration of the various tools that you have looked up to visit the place.

You may have downloaded a map that would help you trail the place. There are some online map services and location tracking apps that help you track the route that you might want to explore.

The scenic points that are worthy of exploring are mentioned in another online tool, while you have made tweaks along the route on another tool altogether. When you start exploring, you have to switch through these different tools to know the route you do rather take.

What you need is a powerful offline GPS navigation app that will help you with exploring.

Here, we will talk about one such app that is truly ruling the roost when it comes to helping with navigation along the backcountry.

BackCountry Navigator Topo GPS available on Android Play Store for $9.99 offers a range of downloadable map sources, which includes CalTopo. This app has been specifically designed for search and rescue, and helps understand the USGS maps better. It also includes the Accuterra, which helps in navigation, especially in extreme conditions.

When you use Google Maps, you get directions to the well-known places. With these Maps you are unable to discover places in the backcountry, which is why you need this offline mapping service. The main reason for an offline service is that you will not find signals in these places. This navigator will pay attention to details, and will capture major landmarks in these less known places, and will also help track the waypoints, which is important for the explorer in you.

Using this in combination with Google Maps, you can plan your route and explore better. Import the navigational tracks from Google Maps to your back-country apps.

BackCountry Navigator Topo GPS

Before moving on to how this app works, let’s get a quick understanding on the app. This app allows you to download topo maps for the outdoor in offline mode. It has made off-road mapping easy and advanced. With this mapping, you can explore without the need for signal ranges in the topography you are planning to explore.

You get Virtual Earth Satellite Imagery function with this app, which makes virtual routing easy. It comes with KML and other fixes, which allows you to import maps from other apps, and add waypoints as needed. You can even record audio files that mention the waypoints on this app. Some of the addons include Accuterra map sources, GMUs for the various states, SnowMobile trail maps, ATV, Equestrian, Birding and Whitewater trail maps. Basically, you get all the backcountry map details that make exploring easy within the 12 western states.

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How it Works?

Let’s take a quick look at how this powerful navigation app Backcountry Navigator Topo GPS works



  • Open the desktop version of Google Maps, and choose the “Create Maps” function from the “My Custom Maps” feature
  • Now, move to the proposed route that is showcased using minor roads and dirt on this map
  • Use Add Market tool on the in-page to add waypoints to the chosen route
  • Export this map as a KML file on your PC, and choose the cloud folder, where you can save the file
  • Open the Backcountry Navigator application, go to import Tracks function, and import the KML file from Cloud
  • You can now add breadcrumb trails like Placemarks to the map for better understanding of the route

You can even get a paper map with this app. So, now you don’t need to bother about carrying an actual map when your smartphone works maps out in offline mode.

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