Power of Photo Editing App: Why King Bach Invested to Develop Bachify?

Power of Photo Editing App: Why King Bach Invested to Develop Bachify?

Do you know Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor has over 15 million Vine followers and 7 million Instagram followers?

King Bach charges $1,000 per every 100,000 followers and makes between $10,000 to $15,000 a month from sponsored Vines.

All thanks to the hilarious stream of six-second clips that makes King Bach, the theatrically trained actor, the most popular users of Vine.

He spends enough time to write, direct, edit and create each Vine and carefully, posted each of his videos to the social media.

Bach has over 600,000 subscribers and claims to rake in around 8 million views per video. A total of over 3 billion loops has been netted by his Vine videos. He also acted in three mainstream TV series like Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N’ Out”, Mindy Kaling’s “The Mindy Project” and soon in Zac Efron’s upcoming movie “We Are Your Friends.”

Apart from TV, Bachelor is also working on five movie projects in different stages of pre- and post-production. “Bach was chasing a Hollywood dream long before he joined Vine in 2013,” Wagner writes, “but he wasn’t having much luck. He still auditions for roles, he said, but now people have heard of him when he walks in the door.”

Like King Bach, People Also Make Money on Vine – Here is How?

Have you got the followers on Vine? Then, the money shouldn’t be far behind.

Since its launched, Vine has been around. This six-second social network makes celebrities to the people of the real world. The top users can have between 500,000 to 10 million followers, and many of them create their following by doing artistic, like Khoa or comedic stunts like TerRio.

Those users, who have a huge user base, can earn big amount. Let’s see an example of Antonio French. He used the platform to broadcast the events unfolding in Ferguson. His videos were embedded in many articles, and French made many appearances on news programs. Gradually, his voice became a valuable source of information.

There are many brands paying Viners for shout outs, revines and customized videos developed for corporate accounts. Such deals vary, however, Viners can make between $20,000 to $50,000 per ad campaign, according to Rob Fishman, the co-founder of Niche, a company connecting top social media users to the brands.

Is there any Difference between a million followers and two million? Yes, it actually. Viners, who have two million users can ask more money for the brands. This is how you can earn easily with six-second social media.

King Bach Invested to Develop Bachify – Why? 

Andrew Bachelor has launched Bachify, an iOS photo editing app that has social media user faces. This application provides a comprehensive photo-editing experience that explained that he “always had to go to multiple editing apps to create the perfect picture.”

Bachify includes every feature that editing app has such as Instagram-like filters, stickers, blur and red-eye, standard adjustments like enhance and more nuanced editing tools like a make-up brush, “pimple remover” and smooth.

Within Bachify application, you can find hundreds of decorations like accessories, hairstyles, and many HD stickers of King Bach to add in your image. Interestingly, users can also create their own stickers so, they can add themselves to a photo they weren’t in. most of these features are available in the basic app version, but more will be offered through in-app purchases.

  • The basic tool that fixes brightness, contrast, hue and saturation on the whole photo or paints on just the parts that user wants to edit.

  • Smoothing helps to remove wrinkles. This feature paints over unwanted lines, tones skin and blemishes
  • Whiten brighten up smiles and eyes through airbrush tool
  • Sculptor tool chases after those big eyes and lips. It also shrinks the waistline or impresses your friends with huge muscles.
  • Blur tool creates a cool photo effect and paint over the areas user wants to focus.
  • Make-up/Spray tan brush with its different pallets can customize eyes, lips and spray tan to give selfie a complete make-over
  • ZitPop removes unsightly blemishes by painting over the area and watch them disappear.
  • Enhance airbrush sharpen picture to bring your photos to life. It also allows to adjust the intensity and brush size to your liking.
  • Red Eye tool get the red out from the eyes.

Some of the In-purchase Features

Memes – Users can start with a background from the given meme library or can use the generators to create your own gradient panel. They can add stickers, speech bubbles, and customizable text stickers to wow the social media and friends.

Piercings, Tattoos and More – Users can add piercings, tattoos, eye colours or even bugging their eyes out completely. Even, they can add new hairstyles, and grow a beard overnight as well.

Filters – They also create work of art with fabulous filter libraries and can also paint just the parts of the photo.

How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Bachify?

The cost of photo-editing application depends on the functionality you want to add. Generally, there are two models to develop native mobile application:

  • Fixed Price Model: Preferred for the fixed scope and goes milestone based.
  • Hourly Rate Model: Preferred for the unfixed scope and for a huge project.

The cost of App like Bachify is based on the scope and yes, from where you are hiring app developers. Hiring India based mobile app development company like Space-O Technologies charge $25 – $49/hour.

We have developed hundreds of Photo-video editing apps and here are the few recent

1) Video Editor + is the most popular free video editor on the app store. Video Editor + is an easy video editor with fast editing tools, filters and many other effects for personalizing your videos.

Video Editor - Movie maker with music (YouTube edition)

2) Slide.show make.r. This photo modification app turns your photos & videos into sensational movies. We have added many beautiful animations/transitions, and music to make your personal video more interesting.

Developed with Objective-C, Slide.show make.r application creates videos by taking pictures and videos from social networking apps like Instagram, Facebook, or from users’ phone gallery. Other than this app, we can show you some of our similar photo editing apps, which we had developed for our clients.


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