Are you planning to Design a wordpress website Development for your iPhone, Android, iPad (Mobile) Application ?


You Mobile App is now ready and listed on Appstore and you are now planning to create a website that gives information to clients about your new app and also has a support / contact us form.  We highly recommend you to use WordPress for the same.  At Space-O we have done few successful wordpress website development for listing your iPhone, iPad and Android applications.

Here are some of the links of WordPress websites that we have developed:

If you are looking to hire our services, here are some of basic design questionnaire that we would like to ask you for same:

1. Company name and tag line (exactly as you would like it to appear).

2. Logo. Do you have a logo?

  • Yes ( can you provide us a .psd or .ai version?)
  • No ( do you want a logo designed?)

3. Color scheme. What colors would you prefer for your website? If you have a logo we suggest designing the website with the colors of the logo (or slightly different shades of the logo color) because other colors make it very hard to integrate the logo in the design (the logo will appear as out of place.)

4. Main menu of the website. Please list all the main menu items in the order that you want them to appear on your homepage.  If you haven’t decided all the menu items just give as the exact number of items the main menu will have.

5. How would you prefer the menu to be positioned? Horizontal? Vertical?

6. Content of the homepage. Please describe as detailed as you can the content that will be present on your homepage (for example a search box, content boxes, pictures, news box, testimonials etc.) and also if you need a particular component in an exact place please specify (for example. Search box – top right part of the header).

7. Do you prefer a more web 2.0 look for your website (flat buttons, bold big logos, vivid images, large text and bright colors) or a regular look (3D buttons, normal text, faded colors)?

8. What is the first thing a user should do when visiting your homepage, do you have any area of the page that you want the user to notice as soon as they enter the website? (for example news, testimonials, a slogan).

9. Who is your target audience: young, middle age, seniors? This help us with the design of the website (for example if your website is visited mostly by seniors you will need a large font scheme to improve readability, a high contrast scheme with faded colors so the user can quickly see the different areas of the homepage yet it won’t be bothered by bright colors, etc).

10. Please list at least 3 websites that you like. Also please describe what you like on each of them.

11. Can you offer some examples of websites which you do not like? We will fully design your website but first of all we need to have your thoughts on what you find compelling and especially what upsets you in a website so we can avoid any design elements related to a certain type of model.

12. Do you have any pictures that you can provide for use in the design?

13. Would you allow us to place a link to our site on your website? (like: “Web design and implementation by IMC” – we can place it at the bottom of the pages, in a corner, with a color that will not distract the visitors attention)

Please contact us if you need a professional guru to design your wordpress support website for iPhone / iPad applications


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