Why Pixel Art Coloring Book Apps Considered the Newest App Store Trend?


As you know that Pixel Art is the most loved art forms as it is a style of drawing that has become the trend for mobile games for a few years now.

Most of the people might have played a pixel art for kids game at some point in their life, but today, the latest trend on the App stores (Google Play Store & Apple App Store) is pixel art coloring books.

Last month, four-pixel art free coloring book apps have secured their places in the list of the top 10 apps on the App stores. Moreover, these four coloring apps for Android, including Sandbox Coloring, Pixel Art-Color by Number, Color by Number: Coloring Book, UNICORN – Number Coloring Book have a combined 12 million downloads and half of which are from the U.S. alone – since the beginning of November.

screen-shot-2017-12-22-at-12-29-13-pmImage Source: Sensor Tower

The best thing about these pixel art coloring book apps is that they are color-by-number books featuring retro-looking and pixel art designs. Earlier, the lineup of coloring book apps that were often marketed as “best coloring apps for adults,” the simple pixel art books seem to be an App Store trend that driven by kids.

However, you might have a question in your mind – why pixel art coloring book apps are the newest app store trend. What are the reasons that people (especially kids) love these pixel apps or best coloring apps?

Reasons Pixel Art Coloring Book Apps Become the Newest App Store Trend

1. A New Twist in Coloring Apps

Many of you might be thinking that why pixel art coloring book apps are gaining huge popularity in the app store. Well, the apps are getting much attention because of the new twist in coloring apps.


Currently, these latest best color by number app are offering a number of picks to the users along with featuring retro-look and pixel-art designs. Today, coloring books become the latest trends among a series of apps, including sandbox coloring, pixel art, UNICORN & Color by Number as well.

2. A Simple Yet Easy to Understand by Users

Another major reason why these coloring apps are trending in the app stores is that these applications are a lot simple yet easy to understand by users, allowing them to pass their free time by playing different pixel coloring apps Android.


However, the audience base of this type of apps makes them one unique for generating the huge revenue like the above mentioned four-pixel art coloring book apps are generating. Moreover, children just love to browse such applications that allow having fun with their friends in school, classes, and colleges.

3. Excellent Intuitive Design & Smooth Performance

As compared to traditional pixel art apps, these pixel art coloring book apps for adults has an excellent intuitive design that grabs the attention of people especially kids. Moreover, these apps are giving a smooth and rich performance without distracting them with advertisements.

To make your best pixel art app stand-out from other apps, you can ensure that you give your users smooth performance without compromising the quality of the design of the app. In addition to this, these coloring book apps are loaded unique functionalities like an ability to unlock unlimited pictures and ad removal.

4. Out-of-the-Box Features

The main reason why any app loved by its users is the out-of-the-box features that make it a preferable choice. The all new pixel art coloring booking apps are loaded with some of the exclusive features like the regular release of new images, an ability to share edited pictures with friends on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, these applications come with enormous coloring tools. Users can make use of the magic wand to paint multiple neighboring cells of the same number and Grenade to color different neighboring cells of any numbers.

So, these are some of the main reasons why pixel art coloring book apps become the latest and newest app store trend. People across the world just love to use these apps in their free time and have fun with their friends, kids, and dear ones.

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