Pick the Right Type of Mobile Application Development Company from the Cluttered Market Space

Mobile app development is a phenomenon appreneurs can avoid at their own peril. However, how to execute mobile application development is debatable and requires some sensible discussion.

While there are number of free lancing mobile application developers available, it is always a good idea to partner with a professional mobile application development company. But, mobile application development per se is a wide realm; companies catering to the needs of apprenuers also vary in their scope, style of business and services.

Let us have a look at them to help you arrive at the correct decision with regards to right type mobile application development company.

Brands or Big Guns

Such companies exist to serve all. It has therefore vast infrastructure. At times, because of this, it costs higher as its administrative, managerial and legal heads are pretty costlier. Another identity of such companies is to have many certifications to their names.  Usually, these companies are known for their systematic approaches and not considered to be agile in their approach to the projects. These big guns should be considered as your technology partner if you:

  • Want to develop a brand new application on a very huge scale
  • Want to put it on multiple interfaces on multiple devices
  • Are running short of time
  • Do not have any monetary constraints

These are some of the considerations you need to ponder over before approaching any big mobile application development company for your mobile application development project.

Niche Service Providers

The major difference between big brands and these specialist companies is that the later does not intend to be all rounder. It has therefore less expensive heads albeit with the same quality and systematic approach as that of any big company.

Usually, a group of expert and talented people come together and establish such companies. Or, there is an ambitious and aggressive entrepreneur who has got the finance and a knack to do business takes a dive in such types of companies. For you – the appreneur – the key is to identify such companies which can deliver to your expectations.

The best way to decipher whether such a company can execute your mobile application development is to approach them directly, talk to them, look at their portfolio and if need be contact its clients for total assurance.


Agencies are normally preferred when you are not supposed to manage the project on your own. Agency is a kind of mobile application development company which may put together resources to execute the project. But, experts question its ability to manage and drive the project seamlessly. Hence, the path to engage any technology partner which claims to be an agency is doubtful and need to be thoroughly checked before taking the plunge.

Offshore Partnership/FreeLancers

If you have enough experience in mobile application development, and with the help of legal advisers, can tie up with the offshore firms, this can be one of the viable options for your project.

In case of free lancers, they can be hired to develop an application, but they certainly cannot become an alternative for a professional mobile application development company. However, it depends on your requirement. If you only need to get the application developed, freelancing application developer may be the best choice.

Consider all these options and pick the best that suits your requirements.

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