Want to Create Photo Editing App? Check These 3 Tips from Popular AI-Based Face App

When you land on our website and check our portfolio, you will notice we have mastery in photo editing app development. In fact, we do have a separate team for it. A team which develops only photo video related mobile applications. The motive behind this post is very clear. Our team keeps learning and exploring trending photo video applications. Recently, FaceApp got viral, we studied it at our office, tried, tested and enjoyed it. We also tried to analyze why it got so much viral? What made it so unique? And in today’s blog, we are going to share 3 important lessons that we have observed while analyzing this popular photo app.

With the advent of best photo apps like Instagram, Snapseed, Prisma, MSQRD, the “photo clicking” experience has been redefined. From slick filters to selfie tweaks and simple editing tools,  photo editing apps have turned tables and allowed everyone to be a professional photographer. 

There are many innovations and technical advancements seen in the photo app genre. Without doing a further due, let’s discuss one such trending photo mobile app. Recently, we have a new photo editor app going viral the FaceApp which is developed and based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • The face editing app is powered by AI technology and went viral in 2017, engaging over 80million active users. It is trending again with the FaceApp challenge. The celebs like Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Chris Hemsworth are enjoying the face aging app by adding years with old-age app filter.
  • With 21 free and 28 purchased filters, the app can transform a complete look of the user. The app also allows a 3-days free trial period to the users to enjoy all the premium-features before purchasing the Pro Version.

photo editing app

Image Credit: FaceApp

Now, let’s know more about the trending FaceApp through lessons which can help your photo video app startups in further development process. Take some valuable ideas from the success of this photo app development.

3 Lessons from FaceApp to Develop Successful Photo Editing App Development

  1. Analyzing the current market trend<

    Photo editing apps trend come and go quickly. The FaceApp does not apply a filter to the selfies. It has brought in AI technology to add a smile to the photo, change gender and age, or makes a photo more attractive. The app has its own face-changing algorithms, rather than the server, as machine learning features available on iOS and Android. The FaceApp uses its own computer to train its AI.

    Analyzing the market trend is a very important lesson for you photo editing startups, with the raging technologies accompanied by filters and challenge games on social media can really work things for your app development.

    The users want entertaining photo apps which is possible by including funny masks, age filters, animal filters or animated cartoon swiping. These animations combined with neural networks make FaceApp alternatives like you an appealing and leveraging photo app development.

  2. Finding the loopholes

    FaceApp is using deep learning technology to alter the photo itself. The app has analyzed its competition to find out the exact loopholes. Meitu app is a China-based photo editor which is famous for an anime character, Prisma- a Russian app turns photos into art, and MSQRD app adds cartoon masks. These apps intentionally change a picture to entertain its targeted audience, and thus, it no more remains a real photo.

    With this apt loophole, the face changing app came with neural networks to modify a face on any photo while keeping it photorealistic. The CEO of FaceApp, Yaroslav Goncharov believes that entertainment is a mere trend when it comes to photo edits, but photo-realism is timeless. 

    As a photo app startup, make a balance of trending and timeless features so that your app can be in the running for long. No one wants to use just filters or animations, a proper mix of technology and seamless features will definitely outstanding your app.

    For example, if you want to create a photo editing app like FaceTune, you must check out its features first and then decide which other features you need to include in your app, to make it unique.

  3. Innovate & integrate new technologies

     The FaceApp has extreme challenges for photorealistic tasks, especially with high-resolution images. A mere task of adding a smile to the face also has complicated modifications. The entire face changes, lips are adjusted, skin color, lighting, photo quality. The result of a photo depends on the selfie applied by the user and the particular effect that he is trying to achieve. This all is done by innovative AI technology. 

    The neural networking detects the face neural and forms age criz or face transformation. This makes the photo editing app development more realistic for the virtual augmentation to take place. Usage of such intense technological revolution has made the app a big success.

    Being a startup, you might have a question of why should you trust our given lessons for your photo editing app development. Let’s take a dive into our contribution to the photo app genre.

That’s all. That’s what we have learned.

If you have amazing photo or video related app development idea, and if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, here are 3 take away for you.

  • Analyze the current market
  • Find the loopholes, find the problems, find the pain points
  • Innovate, integrate technologies, connect dots

Before you go, let us tell you a little bit about work in the field of photo editing app development.

Our Accomplishments in Photo Editing App

Space-O Technologies have always been in trends for its Get Shit Done culture. We have achieved milestones when it comes to developing photo editing apps. 9 out of the top 200 photo apps in photo video app category are developed by us

From the collection of over 3500 apps developed by us in different app genres, here we have some of the photo apps which can assure you of our qualitative work. 

  1. Sawerly

    This photo app is from Saudi Arabia. Sawerly app is the best photographer app in which people can easily find nearby professional photographers, take a look into their work history, negotiate the cost, and hire them right away.

    photo editing app development

    Image Credit: Sawerly

  2. Slide. Show Make.r

    This app creates photo and video from the camera roll. It also adds music to the slide show in just a few taps. 

    photo editing app development

    Image Credit: Slide. Show Make.r

  3. Funny Face Maker

    Instantly transforms a face into a hilarious work of art. A user can take funny pictures of himself and add amazing effects to create truly outrageous photos. Funny Face Maker includes tons of unique face mutations and special effects you’ve never seen before.

    photo editing app development

    Image Credit: Funny Face Maker

    Bonus: Photo editing app ideas

    We have some more ideas that can benefit your existing idea stream. One of our mobile app developers who has experience of 7 years in the field of app development has curated some trending photo video app ideas for you.

    • Photo video mixing app
    • App to turn photos into movies
    • Photo video maker with song
    • Apps for making videos with music
    • Comic-book click app

    Thus, if you are having an app idea based on photo editing app development, face swap, face changing apps, then you can cross-verify it with us. We’re a top mobile application development company and have already developed over 70 photo and video applications along with unique features and functionalities like effects, filters, artistic touch, before-after, advanced camera, detect faces, sync with social media, photo frames, image perfection, and photo mixer. We have also good experience in integrating IoT and AI into a mobile application.

    For any further query or confusion regarding the photo editing app like Face, photo app development cost, photo app solutions, simply fill the contact us form. Our sales representatives will consult you with apt mobile app solutions. Consultation is free of cost.

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