Have a Photo Editing App Development Idea in Mind? Don’t Overlook These 5 Features to Develop Best Photo Editing App


Want to develop your own photo editing app? Confused about the core features to include in your photo app? You might be reading the right blog. We have discussed 5 essential features that will make your photo editing app development easy.

Photograph? Yes, please.

We, humans, are always fond of remembering vague memories looking at a photo. In olden times there were, no phones, and in a town, there were only a few facilitated with a camera. With today’s advanced iOS and Android app development, everyone’s gone crazy over photos.

People are setting trends by their photo filtration, editing, and capturing the beautiful aspects of their life. We have come a long way from black & white photos to colored, filtered photos.

All thanks to the photo editing apps for selfies.

These photo editing apps are Whooping! the mobile app development charts. With some of the best photo editing apps like Snapseed and VSCO, a whole new photo editing world has been addressed. We have some insights on the usability of such photo apps. Such photo video apps’ high engagement ratio compared to other apps in the app store.


The statistics by Statista show the share of Americans who used photo editing apps on their smartphone in 2018. The results are as per the income tier. In 2018, 47.51 percent of respondents stated their income was high and said they used camera or photo editing apps.

These stats prove, how much people are spending time editing a photo or video through applications. Everyone wants to lure their social media followers with a pitch-perfect photograph. And so, we have curated some extremely salient features for you. So, if you are thinking to develop an app for photo editings like Snapseeds and VSCO, keep these features noted.

Best Photo Editing App Development for Selfies: Develop a Photo App With These 5 Engaging & Satisfactory Features

#1. Discover Other People’s Work

The best free photo editing app provides a lot more than just editing a photo on the phone. The photo editing app development have a very cool feature that allows users to “discover work” of other app users. The people on a particular photo video app platform can showcase their talent.


Image Credit: VSCO

Users can share the photos they have edited by using the photo app. Such sharing makes an inner app community of followers. Users can follow each other if they like their work. This is an overwhelming gesture for users. Their work is appreciated by the people using the same platform.

To make a successful photo editing app development, consider features like followers and following. Such features boost the confidence of the app users and become a word-of-mouth marketing for your photo app.

#2 Photo Editing Galleria

By having an inbuilt gallery in a photo editor app, the user can easily manage his photos. The gallery safely stores the photos to be edited. And the user can easily edit them again when they are placed inside the photo apps for iPhone and Android platforms.

The photo and video editing apps must have the “Galleria” feature. In case, users misplace their edited photos from the phone gallery, they know where to find them. It is a very helpful feature for users. Such small detailing in mobile app development is admired in this cut through competitive app world.

#3 Filters That Suit Every Mood

Who does not like a more beautiful version of themselves? Filters are the soul of any photo editor app.

Every free photo editing app has at least 10 filters that come free with it. For rest high-resolution ones, an in-app purchase has to be made. Some photo apps like VSCO enhance photo quality without distorting or making it look too filtered.


The filter can be added to a photo just by a tap. It quickly changes the look and feels of an image. A photo video app must have an instant touch as well as a manual one. The manual can make exact adjustments to create the desired look a user wants.  

#4 Modifying Photos Efficiently

We always crib about photo focus and adjustments. The photo modifier does this work by scaling a photo from every corner. Let’s take an example of the below photograph:


Image Credit: VSCO

The left side photo is the actual one and the modifier is on your right side. The major difference, just by looking at the photograph, is all about the photo’s feels. The actual photo looks less appealing than the modified version. The mountain and the girl by proper scaling have been adjusted from far to near then the actual one.

Thus take your photo editing app development to the next level with such an amazing modification feature. It increases the app functionality and consumer satisfaction. The app gets a valuable attribute for its existence in the app stores.

#5 Just A Little Bit Tint

We all love a cherry on the cake, don’t we? The tint feature is that cherry for the photo apps. The tint effect gives extra leverage to a photo and wins the heart of a user. The actual photo is enhanced with intense color use. It compliments the modifying effect of the photo.


It makes a great difference, almost like branded and unbranded clothing. Branded clothes are polished with well-knitted thread. And unbranded clothes are a little dull and unpleasant to see. Look at the photo and you will easily be able to figure out the difference it makes.

Final Thoughts

On a final closing note, a user needs to have a seamless photo editing app experience. To make your photo editor app more efficient, we make use of a number of unique features in your photo editing app.

So, if you have any photo editing app idea that can bring change in the photo editing app industry, do not hesitate to discuss it with us. We are a leading iOS app development company and have already developed over 50 photo/video apps with top features and functionalities.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to photo editing app development costs, or photo management apps like Zyl, mobile app development timeline, or Indian app developers cost, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. The consultation is free of cost.

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