Photo Apps: Adding Creativity to Smartphone Imaging Technology


Today, smartphones are ubiquitously used. Every corner there will be a person with a smartphone. This widespread penetration of smartphones has also had a profound effect on photography. It is common to see people clicking photographs and/or making videos and immediately uploading them onto social media websites. However, many of these photos and videos are of poor to average quality, but the trend of using phone cameras will continue because it is convenient to use.

The key to improving the quality of im

ages and videos and also adding some creativity to them is by using a photo and video apps.

There are several photo apps that make your images stand out and also give viewers something to talk and discuss.

Here are some of apps which replace DSLR camera with Smartphone:


This photo app is made for iPhones and is free. Its simplistic nature is what makes this app so special. When you use this app, it can make it appear as though the photograph was clicked through a glass marble. What you can see through the marble is clear and precise, while everything else is artistically out of focus.

A brass tabletop captured by MarbleCam app

This picture is a brass tabletop captured by the MarbleCam application and that magnifies the center of a frame and softens backgrounds.

MarbleCam app has on-screen instructions and has three icons. One lets you select the effect through the glass marble; the second determines the size of the marble and last one lets you choose which side you should rotate the image. Initially, it could be a little difficult to get the setting rights, but once you get the hang of it, your images are bound to create a buzz on social media. The details highlighted can be mesmerizing. The app lets you share the edited image or send it to another app.

Slow Shutter Cam

This app has been around for some time now and was recently updated so that it can be used with Apple devices. Although not a free photo app, it is affordable enough at a mere $2. This is the app for slowing down the image and capturing every single movement. It is meant for long-exposure shots.

Select The Best Exposure Settings wiht Slow Shutter Cam

Take Stunning Long Exposure Photos With Slow Shutter

Slow Shutter Cam digitally blends several photos to create one long exposure, with that you catch more natural results with longer shutter speeds. Long exposure photography was traditionally limited to SLR cameras, but now you found that how to click a great long exposure photo with your iPhone.

Let’s get into one situation where it really makes sense to use long exposure, we’re talking about moving water.

Long exposure is when capturing moving water through iPhone

In this pic, you can see a river scene where the flowing water and ice are frozen in time using the iPhone’s Camera app.


Scene captured using long exposure

In this picture using a long exposure allowed me to blur out all the moving water and ice to create a fantastic peek in the river and also highlighting the speed where a river is flowing.

Using the manual mode of the app, you’ll be able to control the amount of light, making it similar to a digital camera. In the automatic mode, the app is intelligent enough to guess your purpose and make adjustments accordingly. The Light Trail mode lets up capture those light tails. It is a versatile app that lets you make changes to the settings even after you click a photograph. We at Space-O do photo & video apps development and feels the need to warn users that it can be a little difficult to master this photo app, but experimenting with settings adds the fun element to it. Check out these photo apps too.

If You’re An Android User are you a android user

Camera Streak

Android users too have their fair share of apps and one app that stands out is definitely Camera Streak. This free app lets you simulate long exposure photographs and pictures with multiple exposures, capture light trails, but what makes it really unique and special is the double exposure feature. While this feature can mar images, if you know how to use it, your double exposed images can get an artistic touch that can sometimes end up being surreal.

Double exposure can be done manually but dropping one image on another or it can be done automatically by clicking a series of images. You can use your smartphone’s plus and minus buttons for the lighting; and if you are dissatisfied with any image, there is trash bin to discard it and start all over again.

Screenshot Captured by Camera Streak

Screenshot Captured by Camera Streak

The world of photo and video apps is slowly but surely growing and with people wanting to make their images stand out, there is a demand for apps that can add the necessary creativity and uniqueness to images. That is what you should be looking for in a mobile application developer who can build customised photo apps that unleashes creativity and has all the features a digital camera can offer.

Let’s talk and we are the perfect partner to build photo & video apps that make using smartphone cameras an art without too much ado.


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