Want to Sell Pet Drugs Online? Check How to Create Online Pet Pharmacy App

pet pharmacy app

Are you running a pet drug pharmacy? Are you planning to create pet pharmacy app? This blog contains a complete guide on how to create online pet pharmacy app. This blog is written with the help of our app expert, who has almost 12 years of experience in the mobile app development industry.

As Gen Z we all have figured out how to fit into a 5-inched screen. 

There is no exception now when we talk about mobile apps. App genre has everything for everyone, it is not only human-centric. Why we are saying this? Because there are an equal amount of apps for humans and our four-footed friends, providing a variety of services. There are dog walk apps, pet care apps, first aid apps, veterinary care app, and the niche is expanding gradually.

We, at Space-O Technologies, have a great piece of news for veterinarian startups and pet lovers. Recently, we observed the interest of online users inclining more towards the “online pet pharmacy.” The pet care app has just started to grow and yet there is more to come for our furry friends. Here in this given image, you can see the growth of pet pharmacy. 

Pet pharmacy app

We assume that you have decided to sell pet drugs online, but you are not sure whether your decision will work in your favor or not. Being in this mobile app development genre for almost 9 years, we can help you analyze the process to create an online pet pharmacy app. 

Checkout These 4 Points to Create Best Online Pet Pharmacy App

1. Market Analysis

The pet industry is experiencing explosive growth, it is very much necessary to analyze the market trends before investing in pet pharmacy apps. The research basically shows that where is the pet app industry heading. 

Right now, you are confident about making a dog app with the concept of selling “pet drugs online.” You need to dig deep by taking into consideration some industrial statistics.

We have gathered some interesting pet industry facts:

  • The most famous countries owning pets are U.S.A (75.8million), Brazil (35.7million), Philippines (11.6 million), Argentina (9.2million).
  • According to the American Pet Product Association, 85million people have a pet. And over the past 30 years, pet ownership has raised from 56% to 68% of all households. 
  • Pet trends are growing more faster than other consumer goods categories. The global pet care industry is expected to grow to $164billion by 2023, which is a straight jump of 31%from 2018.

After finding these numbers, here’s our conclusion. If you are planning to create a pet care app or veterinary care app, you should target these countries as they maximize in pet owning. And with the evergrowing trend, you also can have an assurance of your app getting accepted in the market.

This is the importance of market analysis in the app genre. Getting a mixture of your idea and market approval, you have already won half of the battle. The remaining half is in the hands of the mobile application developer.

2. Know your competitors

Always keep an eye on your competitors.

This is the healthiest way to a successful business. Take an example of Coke and Pepsi, they have their own set of a targeted audience even after being in the same soft drink genre. 

In the same way, you also need to study your competition. Search for popular pet pharmacy app developments, or pet care apps. Ask these questions to yourself when you see a competitor’s app.

  • What is the focused service of the app?
  • What is the uniqueness of the app development?
  • What is the growth opportunity of the app?
  • Which service outstands the app?

For instance, we have recent news from Crunchbase of Fuzzy, pet health app. It has raised $8million Series A, led by Matrix Partners, with total funding of $12.5 million to build new technology for telemedicine consultations. 

Now, this news surely will make you believe in this genre’s revenue generation possibilities. Checkout the Fuzzy app and its offerings to the users, you might get a new idea to discuss with your mobile app solution company.

Here are some of the competitors from the online pet pharmacy segment:-

pet pharmacy app

Image Credit: DogBuddy

pet pharmacy app

Image Credit: Pet First Aid

pet pharmacy app

Image Credit: Petlas

If possible, download the app and use it for a week to get a real-time check at the services. The pet tech genre is exploding with new concepts of pet health and telemedicine. Thus, being a pet care retailer or veterinary startup, this will make you understand the engagement possibilities of the users for your app.

3. List of essential features

The competitive analysis is majorly done to understand the functionalities and features that you can include in your dog app development. Looking at the competitors, it happens that you get a completely new idea.

Let’s understand this with a taxi app example, an Uber alternative startup, Indriver, recently captured the market in major countries disrupting Uberization. What made the app like Uber this popular? It simply cracked the idea of “negotiating fare” which gave more freedom to drivers and riders.

Thus, make a list of compatible features from your competitive apps and try to improvise those features. You can approach Android app development company with the list and get some modification on ideas for development. 

4. Develop with a professional app specialist

The mobile app is a one-time investment, so make sure you opt for an experienced technical partner. Having a guide who has already been round the revolution phase of the app industry makes a lot of difference then trusting some newcomer.

We at Space-O Technologies have over 200 experienced iOS and Android developers. With such creative minds working on versatile projects make the outcome of apps more accurate and impressive.

There are app development companies that consult their clients before any further move. Thus, search for such free consultation, and get some more reviews on your app creation. 

Before concluding, we would like to suggest some features for your pet pharmacy app that we discussed with our app expert.

4 Features to Include in your Pet Pharmacy App

#1 Search itinerary

The app needs to provide a filtered search option with medical aid and veterinarian experts. The navigation of search has to appear instantly for users so that if they are confused they can easily search for particular searches.  

#2 Real-time tracking

The GPS location tracking helps the pet owners to search for vet practitioners, pet medical pharmacies, and to know the actual reaching time of the doctor.

#3 Pet diaries

The app must have a feature for storing information related to the pets. It’s vaccination, disease file, medication, and weight.

#4 Video integration

You can inculcate expert pet care trainer videos within your app so that the user does not have to switch apps to know pet-related queries.


We hope that the blog helped you in clearing the idea of pet pharmacy app and how to create it. Being a leading mobile app development company in India, Canada and USA, we have helped over 1500 businesses to optimize their business through the mobile application. So, if you have any idea on pet care app development or pet drugs online app, cross-verify it with us.

If you still have any query or confusion related to pet pharmacy app development cost, or what is the importance of developing an MVP of the app, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. ThecConsultation is absolutely free of cost. 

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