Period Tracker App Development is Dead if You are Still Trying to Integrate These 4 Features

period tracker app development

Women health is said to be the raging issue from ancient times. This blog is curated especially for FemTechs, Gynecologists, and Obstetricians. If you are planning to create yet another period tracker app development, stop right there. To stand out of the competition in this space you need to have some more accurate features except these 4 common ones.

This is not at our surprise that charities, NGOs, investors are leaning more towards the women healthcare industry. Now, we have apps for everything, including baby-making. In today’s workaholic era, females tend to forget their health issues and end up with poor health.

As we go down the memory lane, the inception of women health was started by various NGOs by spreading the importance of wearing a pad instead of cloth when one gets their periods. And now, in this digital space, there are accurate apps to check the progress of menstrual cycles, pregnancy tests, ovulation, calendar trackers, fertility check. The creation of such contraceptive apps brought a fine change in women death rates and miscarriage rates.

Here at Space-O Technologies, we strive to be in the trending app inceptions through our custom mobile app development. We are part of the digital space evolution and so far have contributed over 3500 apps. Our experience can become a boon for your period tracker app development. Bring your app idea to us, we will provide you with the utmost solution.

period tracker app development

These are some of the popular names in the women healthcare app industry. Big names like Clue, Glow, Period Tracker, Flo have set a benchmark in the fertility niche. But there is still more to explore in this digital app space. You as a gynech or FemTech startup can opt for web-based solutions integrated with app developments, or a fertility software solution can also help to save time and manage small operations efficiently.

Some information related to the scope of fertility app development

  • An aging population and an increase in spending power are giving ways to new business models for women healthcare. The result of this is new drugs, technologies, and services aimed at certain medical conditions faced by women throughout their lifecycle.
  • According to a report by Global Women’s Health, the market size in 2016 was valued at USD 36.5billion & is anticipated to grow CAGR of 3.9% over the forecast period upto 2025.

period tracker app development

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  • The year 2018 has bypassed $500 million in funding as compared to $350 million in 2013. Opportunities in the women health market are rising then the past few years, with the evolving trends in the demographics.

period tracker app development

When our clients approach us with a period tracking app, we simply state the facts of the current fertility app world. It is not viable for you to enter the same flock of apps having a mere similar offering. There are other features that can set you apart from others.

Now, let’s move on to the features provided to society and has become the best fertility app.

4 Effective Features That Your Period Tracker App Development Should Not Adapt Too.

1. Check the current body status through an easy tracker

Simply by putting general information about period cycles or period, the fertility monitoring app allows users with a full body report. With a cutting edge science, it helps the users in keeping a track of their health. Tracking physical and emotional symptoms to better diagnose potential health problems is made possible through the free period tracker.

period tracker app development

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Being a startup, you need to have a best period tracking app development which tracks period patterns from the unique algorithm development. Using the health tracker, a user can go through the essential information gathered by the app in a glance. Provide an attractive and engaging user-interface that is easily read and managed by efficient app navigator.

2. Charts for better understandability

Ovulation and fertility apps have a “chart feature.” The chart dissects the tracking system of the app effectively. A user can track their regular and irregular periods, temperature, weight, moods, symptoms, and blood flow.  

period tracker app development

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For more advanced features of a chart, in your period tracker app development, it has notification alert, in which they can log upto 40 health reminders, for better health updates. Through the charts, your audience can mark their following progress.

  • Menstrual and fertility data
  • Set medications
  • Birth control
  • Ovulation reminders

3. In-app community chatting

A chat feature helps the user to immediately turn towards an audience who is free to talk about problems she is going through. There is no hesitation between a group of people who are willing to discuss a certain issue or topic.

period tracker app development

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The community is built were talking about sex, periods, health, AIDS is viable. Where the subject is never off limits. We tend to learn easily from other experiences thus make it a place where their thoughts are taken care off.

4.  Check couple fertility

Being a FemTech startup, you can capture the women health app world with engaging both male and female users in your fertility app. Like females, men can also check their fertility, which makes your app a family planning tool. It is a super cool feature that intends to reveal the potential to reveal stumbling blocks of conceiving.

For more advanced period tracker app development or fertility management app makes the men’s data link with his partner’s. This makes an exquisite app for couples to check real-time conceiving process.

Are you ready with your period tracker app idea?

Entrepreneurs and investors are paying attention to women health. Seize your opportunity as a “FemTech Startup.” There is no denying that users are using more of these period trackers, fertility apps as they have no side-effects. Moreover, people do not have to pay a single penny and yet they are getting all in one app.

Here are some other features for your period tracker app development:-

  • Customized food tracking report: The period app suggests what to eat during periods, and a manual tick by the user regarding what really worked for her out of the list,  helps in future suggestions in the app
  • In-app purchase expert advice: Back your app with renowned dietitians, gynechs, and other industry specialists. They will become a center of attraction for your app. People instead of giving his fees will bare the minimum expense of your in-app purchase. For specialists, it will be another form of digital exposure.
  • Sent report directly to doctors through social media: There are apps that have emails and printing facility in the apps. Your period tracker can connect directly to social media and the report can be sent in the form of a photo to the concerned doctor. It also results in few taps than email or a print process takes.
  • Sync-in with IOT: The current trend is to connect the smartphones with Apple watch, fitness bands, and other digital breclates. Give connectivity in almost every wearable technology to become a more convenient app.

From our research, we have some specific countries who are consistently using such apps. Australia, Malaysia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom these countries are using period trackers the highest.

The niche is growing rapidly with other app developments like period calendar, Ovi ovulation app, and are transforming the health industry. Contribute to the revolution and enjoy business engagement through the app.

In case if you still have any query regarding menstrual cycle app cost, fertility software development, and app integration, being a flourished iPhone app development company we can help you out. Fill a simple contact us form with your requirements, we will get back to you in a short span. Consultation is free.

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