‘People-Rating’ App – Peeple App Re-launch with Profit Making Plan


Do you remember an app named Peeple? You might have an idea about “Yelp for People” that released under the pretext of a more sugar-coated to rate your friend. But you know what ‘it still sucks’.

Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, the founder of an application, have launched this application in October 2015 and immediately after its launch, they got legal and ethical criticisms about an application. At the time of launch, Julia Cordray told the Washington Post,

People do so much research when they buy a car or make those kinds of decisions. Why not do the same kind of research on other aspects of your life?

However, after five months of launched, Cordray has changed her view and said in an interview with Gizmodo:

Who we were then is not who we are today”, “Peeple is so far from Yelp that they shouldn’t be compared … You can’t compare a restaurant to a human being!

On 7th March 2016, this application has launched with four major changes that are based on the original wave of criticism last year. Here are the main adjustments:

  • A User must consent before another user adds their profile to an application.
  • Instead of the five-star rating system, users can have a tally of a user’s total number of reviews.
  • Users have full control over to accept the reviews for their profiles and can also deactivate their accounts.

Regrettably, some of these features are completely denied the purpose of the app. The beauty of the website like Yelp is in the unfiltered ratings and reviews it includes. Users can also remove the formations that don’t fit their standards by checking bad reviews.

This is the new rules of Peeple that don’t give the advantage to see every review. Instead, they just check the ones a user stoops to enables on his/her page.

How Peeple Safe for Users?

Peeple is safe to use and download. This application has ‘Double Authentication Process’ that enables users to create integrity of information by not being unidentified. It also has a double authentication process through cellphone pin or Facebook.

What Are Advantages of Using ‘Peeple App’?

  • It also enhances an online reputation for accessing to better quality networks, promote more informed decision regarding people and top job opportunities.
  • It helps to develop a safe place for managing an online reputation in a digital world and online community.
  • It also protects your assets, including money, children, pets, houses, etc. by having information related to the people you are interacting.
  • Best of all, it builds positive relationships with the people you know and have a stronger relation to two-way communication through the system based on recommendations and feedbacks.

Features Offered?

  • Peeple Number is the total recommendations that you get through social media like Facebook, email, text, WhatsApp, and Twitter.
  • Recommend and Be Recommended for 3 different categories, i.e. Professional, Personal, & Dating.
  • Find likeminded Connections with high Peeple Number scores
  • Sharing positive recommendations through social media such as email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Share your entire profile with Profile Social Sharing or just share an individual section for Dating, personal and Professional.

How Peeple App Works?

Peeple App

How People Buy Access to the Negative Reviews?

‘The Truth License’ by which users can buy access to negative reviews. Peeple is using a paid subscription to access hidden and negative reviews. With this paid subscription, users would able to read anything that has been written about themselves, no matter person has published the reviews on their profile or not.

Here, Peeple’s only aim to earn the profit by selling access to negative reviews. Right now, this feature is not live, however, Co-founder Cordray thinks “considering” it as a future feature with other in-app purchases like personality testing, in-app search credits, and gifts.

Can I block a user on Peeple, if I don’t want negative reviews from a particular person?

Yes. Peeple are providing such type of facilities to block any users. Once you blocked any person, he/she cannot able to write a recommendation for you and/or not able to send you a message from an application.

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